Avexir Reveal Core Gold Series Memory Modules

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Everyone who has followed the launch of Z87 and Intel’s new Haswell platform will have seen the new ASUS motherboards that come with a Gold/Mustard Yellow colour scheme, such as the ASUS Z87-C motherboard we recently reviewed. Avexir is now launching a special series of RAM kits specifically for users looking to match up their system’s components.

The Avexir Gold Series includes a pair of 4GB RAM modules running at 2133MHz with CL9 latencies. These will support Intel’s XMP profiling and have timings 9-11-10-27. These RAM modules are designed to support both Intel and AMD systems but we can see they will pair up best with ASUS’ Z87 motherboards for Intel’s Haswell.

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Each module comes with a specially designed Gold/Mustard Yellow heat spreader and a fully black PCB. Along the top there is an LED light bar which operates when the system is powered up.

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The LEDs are Gold/Yellow and have a strobe lighting effect. Avexir is backing these modules with a lifetime warranty. You can buy the Avexir Gold Series memory modules from Caseking and Overclockers UK.

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  • Avatar Wayne says:

    You folks seem to deal quite a bit with this brand and seem quite impressed. I’m still to see them over here but I have a lunch date with the good people from Rectron later today. I’ll tentatively broach the subject.

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