Asus WL-330N3G 6 in 1 Wireless-N Mobile Router Review

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The ASUS Wl-330N3G is one of those devices that is just a little bit different and was probably quite a gamble from ASUS as they have tried to cram so many good features into such a small device while maintaining its usability and functionality. In our eyes it certainly paid off, as this device could win awards for its design, features, functionality and performance. The option of 6 different modes allows for very quick and easy set-up and you can literally be on the internet within seconds rather than minutes.

In terms of design, this ASUS router does look good in its white casing and its sleek curved edges. The device is compact and has a tiny foot print, but does unfortunately only have 1 ethernet port, this does however still allow for lots of features including as an Access Point, Network Adapter, Wireless Router, Wireless Repeater and a Wi-Fi and 3G device that can share connections between several devices. This is perfect for the modern household which needs internet for TV’s and Games Consoles and all the laptops, iPads and everything else the kids now have.

In terms of features the graphical interface is simple, effective and really easy to use, which is something I wish all other network manufacturers could master. The performance can be beaten it is only N150 after all, but it is leagues ahead of many budget routers on the market, and is stiff competition for its full-sized higher powered counterparts. Couple this with the 3G Sharing, Universal Wi-Fi Repeater and the tiny footprint, as well as other features, you have a truly remarkable product.

ASUS have also bundled everything you could possible want with this device, a USB power cable, a mains power cable, a car power cable and even a carry case, and although you can’t fit all of these cables and the device into the carry case it certainly fits the ones you are likely to use for that day. Even in the carry case it will still take up a tiny portion of any luggage.

We do at eTeknix always try to find faults with a device or things we didn’t like about it, and well there just aren’t any.  Even the price is a reasonable £55.08 on

The ASUS WL-330N3G 6 in 1 Wireless-N Mobile Router certainly impressed us, it has the looks, the features and the performance and it is unbelievably compact that it won’t look out of place on any desk, or sat next to your TV or Games Console, and it has even been designed to be used to convert your car into a Wi-Fi Zone. ASUS have certainly thought of everything with regards to this device, and even after several weeks of using this device we have failed to find anything that we didn’t like about, it does exactly what it is meant to do, and it does everything better and more easily than we expected.

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  • Great review!

    An easy to setup router, you must have been the happiest man with this thing. 😛

    Also "[…]while 20 mbps is a lot less than 150 mbps this is still an impressive result." You bet it's impressive, I don't even have a quarter of that speed lol

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