Asus WL-330N3G 6 in 1 Wireless-N Mobile Router Review

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The router, like all others, has a webpage or intranet site that allows you to alter the settings of the router. This can be accessed via the IP address, although ASUS do provide the software on the CD to set-up the basics and to find the router if you do not know the IP address. The most commonly used feature is likely to be the standard ‘wireless router’  which allows you to connect to a modem through a network cable and allows you to set-up a wireless network.

The router can also be used as an Access Point to connect to an already set-up router either by wireless or through a network cable, allowing you to connect one or more computers wirelessly and/or wired.

One of the more special features of the WL-330N3G router is that it can be used as a repeater, which means it can connect to a wireless network and then extends the wireless coverage, as it transmits under the same channel and ID as the original signal. This is brilliant for the larger house, as you can easily boost the signal without having to have a wired infrastructure.

Lots of modern technology requires internet connections, for instance, Smart TV’s, Games Consoles, and lots more. While you may already have the wired infrastructure within your house, it is a lot easier if you can connect the device to the wireless network wherever it is in the house. This ASUS router can act as a wireless adapter or bridge allowing you to effectively create a wired ethernet port wherever you want it within the house.

One of the more common features is Wi-Fi sharing, which does work in a similar way to the Access Point mode, in which it connects to another network, in this case a Wi-Fi Hotspot (at a Hotel, Airport, School etc) that requires authorisation or even payment, and then allows you to share this signal with as many devices as you like. As this device is so small it makes it perfect for taking on holiday with you so that the whole family can, for instance share one Hotel Wi-Fi account.

While the other 5 features are all very useful, the key feature of the ASUS WL-330N3G Router is that it has a USB port allowing for a 3G dongle to be attached, while there are other routers on the market that do this, there are none that are quite as portable as this device. With a 3G dongle this router will allow you to have a truly mobile router, that has a tiny footprint and can give you the wireless internet you so desire.

The final page allows you to adjust some of the more advanced settings of this router. We were impressed with how easy it is to set-up this router for the 6 modes, although the options on each are limited, it is really a user-friendly interface making it perfect for everyone.

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  • Great review!

    An easy to setup router, you must have been the happiest man with this thing. 😛

    Also "[…]while 20 mbps is a lot less than 150 mbps this is still an impressive result." You bet it's impressive, I don't even have a quarter of that speed lol

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