Asus ROG Vulcan ANC Pro Gaming Headset Review

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The headset itself features a slick curved design throughout, the curved casing on the ear cups and headband appears to flow as one piece giving a very stylish and sleek look to the outer casing.


Each ear cup comes finished with a carbon fibre design back plate, combined with the ROG logo it adds a nice touch of style to the headset that looks fantastic, especially with the touch of red behind the ear cushions. The right side also features connections for the microphone, cables and a power control switch. The left ear cup panel is removable to allow you to insert a single AAA battery for use of powering the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation).


The ear cups are mounting on a multi-direction swivel mount that will help ensure a good fit, this is helped further by the soft leather ear cushions and their soft red backing fabric that protects the drivers.


The headband features no markings and helps keep a really sleek and clean look to the headset, this is complimented by the stylish metal strips that are embossed with the Asus logo on the left and right sides of the headset.


A simple in-line controller gives you the ability to quickly mute/unmute the microphone as well as adjust the overall headset volume via a control wheel on the right side.


The headset is equipped with good quality connection cables that allow for connection via your system’s microphone and headphone jack plugs.


A durable and slightly flexible microphone keeps with the curved styling of the headset, it is fully removable too which is handy for when you just want to kick back and enjoy your favourite single player game.


Another two touches of red colour add the final compliment to the already menacing black and red styling and there is no doubt that this is one cool looking headset.



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2 Comments on Asus ROG Vulcan ANC Pro Gaming Headset Review

  • pcG James says:

    Please be careful with your wording and images as there is an Asus headset called a Vulcan ANC and there’s an Asus headset called a Vulcan Pro. Looks like you reviewed a Vulcan ANC, yet your first image is of a Vulcan Pro!? 😉

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