ASUS Reveal Maximus VI Impact Mini-ITX Motherboard

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ASUS have just unveiled their latest mini-ITX creation and yes this time we’ve got a mini-ITX motherboard that is part of the Republic of Gamers series. This is a motherboard that is absolutely ram-packed with exclusive features. One of the first is a special audio daughter-board discrete sound card, dubbed the “SupremeFX Impact” sound card, which uses a totally custom design to not take up any of your PCIe ports. ASUS comments on the audio that:

The exclusive dual-differential circuit design splits the audio chip’s analog signal into opposing phases that are combined by four operational amplifiers (op-amps) to produce a single, stronger and cleaner output, while premium ELNA audio capacitors smooth high and low-frequency signals to deliver warmer sounds.Maximus VI Impact also features Perfect Voice technology that uses active noise cancellation on the microphone input to keep VoIP chat clear in noisy environments, and Music PnP technology that allows external sound sources to play through PC speakers when the PC is shut down. Together with exclusive SupremeFX Shielding that reduces audio distortion from electromagnetic interference, lossless 115dB output and the ability to drive high-impedance headphones (up to 600ohms), Maximus VI Impact takes mini-ITX audio to new heights.

The motherboard also uses highly rated components to ensure optimal system stability as well as the ability to push your Haswell processor to its maximum.

ROG engineers designed Maximus VI Impact for demanding gamers who want the convenience of mini-ITX size without sacrificing overclocking and compatibility features. Based on ROG Extreme Engine DIGI+ III technology, Impact Power is compact voltage-regulator module (VRM) with 60A BlackWing chokes and 10K black metallic capacitors that gives precise digital power management for complete overclocking control that’s on a par with ROG full-size ATX motherboards.

Additionally the motherboard is packed with connectivity include 802.11 AC WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and an M.2 slot for high performance SSDs. Being an ROG motherboard it features features to assit gamers such as ASUS’ Sonic Radar which maps audio on an OSD and ROG GameFirst II internet prioritisation software that optimises ping and minimises lag over your Intel Gigabit LAN port. The motherboard also bundles a copy of ROG RAMDISK and SSD Secure Erase.

Finally we have an abundance of diagnostic features to help you overclock your system and get up and running without any problems:

Built-in diagnostic and troubleshooting features on the I/O backplate make it easier for PC enthusiasts to test different overclocking configurations with ROG Maximus VI Impact. The Q-Code display shows two-digit codes for rapid identification of POST errors, while pressing the DirectKey button enters the UEFI button immediately. Maximus VI Impact also features a MemOK! button on the motherboard that automatically loads failsafe memory settings when overly aggressing timing prevents the PC from booting.

Pricing is around £185-205 in the UK and €190-€210 in Europe. American pricing will probably be in the region of $230 but I have not seen any U.S listings yet. Availability will come in the next week or so but in the UK and Europe you can already buy these right now.

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