Asus PA249Q ProArt 24″ IPS Monitor Overview Preview

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Asus are one of the only brands in the market at the moment who really have the facility to delve into multiple areas and different product segments. It seems that every time they venture into another market, they seem to come up trumps with a fantastic reception from customers. With this in mind, they have been developing monitors for a fair few years now and even now, they are regarded as some of the highest-end, best monitors money can buy without going into the realms of the Dell UltraSharp series or Apple monitors.

Stemming from this success, they have created this beast of a monitor that we’re taking a quick look at today which is part of their ProArt series of monitors, featuring an pre-calibrated AH-IPS panel, 99% AdobeRGB colour representation and aimed at a specific market of designers and artists alike. With it’s 16:10 1920×1200 resolution it gives extra desktop estate when needed and is LED-backlit to give a crisp, clear picture.

It’s also packed full of connectivity options with native DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI and D-SUB VGA giving the user multiple choices and a big highlight of USB 3.0 functionality for those needing speed when using the likes of photoshop and large RAW image files.


The specifications from a first glance certainly seem impressive with some very nice viewing angles, PiP support and plenty of connectivity options, so lets take a quick overview of the monitor itself.


Great first impressions from this monitor, and some really nice features for the budding artists in the market. A personal highlight for me comes with the USB 3.0 connectivity options, as USB 2.0 really is a bit of a dying breed now, especially with files getting much larger in size which Asus have clearly thought about, as this monitor is aimed at consumers and professionals who will obviously be dealing with large images such as RAW photos taken on a DSLR. I’m also very excited to see the ruler etched into the monitor frame, giving print professionals a nice guide to use when using the likes of Adobe Illustrator.

Overall, a very nice monitor from the initial unboxing and overview, and in the next coming weeks, we will be playing with its functionality to see if its the perfect device for the task its aimed at. Without expensive monitor calibration equipment, it’s hard to fully test a monitor, but with a subjective mind, we can hopefully show who this type of product is aimed at, and why it is suited perfectly for that job and task at hand.

Have Asus managed to make another award-winning product, in yet another product segment? If so, we can only assume good things for Asus to come in the near future, as they already have the motherboard and VGA component market pretty much sewn up which some elite products already in the market. Monitors and phones are just another stepping stone for them, and who knows; maybe world domination is next? Of course I kid, but we can only see more good things to come if this initial overview is anything to go by.

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8 Comments on Asus PA249Q ProArt 24″ IPS Monitor Overview Preview

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    I would love to see the detailed review of this one. Specifications seems to be so much interesting.

  • Avatar Jordan Buck says:

    Hey Andy, liking the video reviews.

    Getting back to how it all started 🙂

  • Avatar Dave says:

    Looks like a very good monitor plenty of connectivity options, great options for the viewing angle & height as well will defo take a look at the full review when it is up.

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    It sure looks like a winner to me. I always wondered what happened to the video reviews, I thought maybe the camera blew up along with the PSU test equipment.

  • Avatar Stuart says:

    Where is the detailed review? It’s been 43 days since this preview went up. I’m torn between this and the Dell 2413. I’m curious about gaming performance and text quality.


  • Avatar btr says:

    This review is very short. What about one of the most important thing Anti-glare coating ? If is so strong as in PA 248Q I will give up with this monitor.

  • Avatar Moyk says:

    I would love to see a full review of this monitor and a decent comparison with the the Dell U2413! Why so down on VGA, it still has its uses? I have a MacPro for my main work with a variety of ports plus a G4 Mac driving a Scitex scanner that has a VGA connector. The advantage of this monitor is that it seems I can connect both computers to it and split the screen between them. I need a VGA port!

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