Assassin’s Creed Victory Leaked, Takes Place In London

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It hasn’t been a great last month for Ubisoft, and to make things worse they’ve now had their upcoming part of Assassin’s Creed leaked. The next installment in the action-packed series through the animus is set to play in London during the Victorian era.

The new game has the name, or codename, Assassin’s Creed Victory and will be out next year for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC according to the sources familiar with the game. So it looks like the old console generation will be abandoned and focus shifted to the current. And there will only be one Assassin’s Creed game next year, not two like this time around.


The leak consists of a 7 minute “target gameplay footage” video that was leaked to Kotaku and that demonstrates the upcoming game. The video is said to be surprisingly slick and that it could pass for an E3 presentation. Sadly they don’t share the video, but instead just describe it and gave us a couple of screenshots. Most likely due to legal reasons. The video ends with the text that it was produced entirely in the Anvil engine, so it isn’t pre-rendered footage.


The video begins with an assassin climbing a tower and looking at London. Next it shows some potential side activities in a side alley with gambling and carriage street racing. After a leap down to the street the assassin accepts an assignment from a mysterious masked woman. The task: kill a man named Roderick Bulmer, who has been trafficking little girls for the assassins’ ancestral enemies. “The templars must receive our message,” says the woman. “You must send it in blood.”


It goes on to show some fight scenes and side activities like changing outfit as he chases the target through the train station. Inside the assassin uses what looks to be a new item, a grappling hook, to swing over the trains and kill his target. Next he jumps onto a moving train and fights off a couple more templars while crossing the River Thames. As the video ends we get a leap from the train into a conveniently placed haystack, the camera changes to the horizon and the Assassin’s Creed Victory logo appears.


The Ubisoft team in Quebec will be spearheading this game instead of the Montreal studio like in the previous parts. Maybe in a hope to eliminate some of the bad luck the last couple of releases had. Of course, like all Ubisoft games, this game will be developed across many of their studios all around the world, so it’s unknown how much difference it will make who is in the charge.

After the initial leak of this story on some outlets, Ubisoft issued the following statement: 

It is always unfortunate when internal assets, not intended for public consumption, are leaked. And, while we certainly welcome anticipation for all of our upcoming titles, we’re disappointed for our fans, and our development team, that this conceptual asset is now public.

The team in our Quebec studio has been hard at work on the particular game in question for the past few years, and we’re excited to officially unveil what the studio has been working on at a later date. In the meantime, our number one priority is enhancing the experience of Assassin’s Creed Unity for players.

Thanks to Kotaku for providing us with this information

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2 Comments on Assassin’s Creed Victory Leaked, Takes Place In London

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    That’s all well and good (bad for Ubi. Tough, they really learn to look after their assets a bit better) but will it be as broken as Unity is and will this game only require a very modest minimum PC spec such as a i7 5960X, 64Gb DDR4 and tri-sli GTX 980’s in order to be remotely playable.
    Ubi’s been losing the plot big time recently, lets just hope they can get it together again real soon.

    • Avatar Notofthiswar says:

      Honestly Ubisoft needs to die off already. After all of these shit seemingly non play tested games that get released and run like garbage never to be fully fixed ruining me ever trusting and spending my money on anything that ubisoft makes in the future.
      They Lied even when it came to Watchdogs and taking graphics out of the game, Countless times have they said they did not do anything when clearly they did. The made that game so shit That was were it ended it for me. After of course followed their stupid developers saying how 60fps is weird and there is no need to go higher then 30 fps. They just keep adding piles of reasons to hate them and think of them as Trash and nothing but retarded monkeys with no brians

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