Assassin’s Creed Asks for Minimum GTX 680 or HD 7970

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asscrd screenshot

Ubisoft has been in the headlines a bit recently, unfortunately not for the positive side of things. We’ve firstly covered how their developers believe that 60FPS “looks weird” and then pinning the blame on Microsoft saying that 30 FPS gaming is being pressured to be transferred over to PC’s by the console manufacturers.

In the latest of gaming news, Assassin’s Creed: Unity technical requirements have been released. The image above, said to be locked at 900p and 30 FPS, shows the graphical prowess of the game on release. Interested in giving it a crack? Unity will require you (at a minimum) to be running a GTX 680 or HD 7970 graphics card coupled with at least a Core i7-2500K or and AMD FX-8350. The stats you’re looking at aren’t a figment of your imagination – they’re actually from Ubisoft’s official blog which also mentions a minimum 6GB of RAM is needed.

Here’s hoping that the full PC game release won’t require a $2,000 computer to run at a measly 30 FPS. In what can be only described as outage from PC gaming scene, we’re all waiting with bated breath to see what Ubisoft will deliver next.

For the full technical specs, take a look below.

asscrd specs tech


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13 Comments on Assassin’s Creed Asks for Minimum GTX 680 or HD 7970

  • Avatar COMMICZAR says:

    they may have inadvertently dealt the assassin creed format a mortal blow , as I for one cannot blow that much money just to play a game

  • Avatar kalu says:

    so much power for a game that is running on cheap hardware consoles?

    • Avatar Maysin says:

      I know right? What makes them think that this game will require such a card? The consoles compare to the GTX 650ti – an entry level card with no SLI. GTS 450 in SLI is comparable to a GTX 660ti, and the GTX 760 outperforms the 660ti by at most 30% and is comparible to the GTX670. Putting 2 GTX 670’s can outperform a 780ti depending on how you use it.

      So no. Im glad I stopped supporting this series after Ezio. When a friend of mine from france who has literally went “meh” about the series has shit his pants and can not wait to try this one… because it is in France. It is just another “money-grab”.. and will probably play just as bad as the last one did.

      I will never go back to console, except for Halo. but even then I sell the consoles after and back to pc I go.

  • Avatar Trull De Full says:

    Ubisoft digging its own grave… sad.

  • Avatar Tim Sutton says:

    They’re talking utter crap. Just like WatchDogs and Black Flag, this will play smooth as silk on any half decent machine from the last 4 years. Have a 5870 or a 560 Ti or better? Got at least 1GB of vRAM in that card? Then this will run FINE.

    God only knows why Ubi are so full of shit when talking about PC gaming lately, maybe they prefer to shift units on console than PC and figure that if they make the PC requirements scary then many people will buy on console instead.

    That and the recent “No ok, 30 fps is actually better for games” crap just makes me feel like they have zero respect for their customers intelligence.

    We know you’re talking crap, Ubi. It’s incredibly insulting that you think that you can say this rubbish to your customers and that they’ll just accept it as true.

    It just makes me want to pirate your games. Is Pirate Bay still going?

    • Avatar James Brand says:

      Yeah if you use Tor Browser you can bypass all the blocks grab the torrent and Dl it through Frostwire or similar program.

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    It’s a helluva lot cheaper and easier to publish ridiculous specs than optimize the game code a bit better. All that expensive hardware just to run a game at 24 fps. Nice.

  • Avatar David says:

    Terrible terrible console port. PC gamers torrent everything anyways so why bother right/>

  • Avatar Sweetie says:

    You guys are hilarious. First, Crysis and Metro get attention up the wazoo for years from tech sites because those games require lots of muscle to run at decent settings… Now Ubisoft wants to capitalize on the same trend (getting to be the default “top dog” benchmark game on tech sites) and it’s suddenly a crime against the gaming community?

    Many times people would have been happy to have 30 FPS in Crysis games or Metro, especially when it comes to minimum framerate. You guys need to figure out what you actually believe before flapping your gums. If Star Citizen would have come out with those minimum specs I bet a lot of geeks would be singing its praises for being so advanced and so on.

  • Avatar Greg Hatt says:

    If UBISOFT caps any pc game I will not be on board even if a fix is applied. More people need to opt out of these specs for pc games if we want to keep our PCmasterrace title. I know PC gaming is not a niche quite like console gaming but the statistics dont lie. PC gamers generate more revenue than most consoles put together so no I wont be falling for a come up short type of game. You want my attention, dont cap frames and dont cap graphics (watchdogs)

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