ASRock Z87 OC Formula Sets New Memory OC Record of 4285.6 MHz

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Edit: And before the article is even published we have received news that Christian Ney has broken this world record at around 11:00am GMT June 11th with a memory overclock of 4289.2 MHz, taking the title from Nick Shih, see the details of Christian Ney’s overclock here.


Memory overclocking world records have been at the heart of motherboard vendor rivalries in recent years with them constantly sponsoring overclocking events to try and snatch records from each other. ASRock are the latest motherboard vendor to grab one of those records as Nick Shih posted a staggering 4285.6 MHz with some DDR3 RAM on the Z87 platform.


Using the ASRock Z87M OC Formula motherboard and some Team Group Xtreem-LV 2666MHz RAM Nick Shih was able to take the RAM to a hefty 4285.6 MHz with 14-31-31-50 2T timings. The official validation can be seen here and it looks like Intel’s Z87 Haswell platform is going to be an excellent platform for memory overclocking records. In fact the speeds provided by this overclock are at the upper limit of the frequencies we might expect to see with DDR4. DDR4 is expected to bring 2133MHz as an entry level speed with 3200MHz being the enthusiast range, so you can clearly see 4285.6 MHz is something special.

The entire overclocking team that achieved this record was Nick Shih, HKEPC’s John Lam and Splave.

Images courtesy of ASRock

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