Ashes of the Singularity DirectX 12 Graphics Performance Analysis

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Ashes of the Singularity – 1080p, 1440p and 4K Benchmarks

During 1920×1080 testing, it’s evidently clear that AMD graphics cards have a very strong showing and exhibit impeccable performance numbers. The Fury X attains the top spot which is a remarkable achievement when you consider it’s pitted against one of the fastest GTX 980Ti cards on the market. Not only that, the compact R9 Nano almost defeats the Titan X’s average frame-rate and records an improved minimum figure. Once again, this is remarkable given the price difference. The R9 390X and 390 offer extremely similar performance and maintain smoother gameplay compared to the GTX 980 and GTX 970. Towards the lower end, we can see that the 380X is doing rather well and isn’t too far off the GTX 970.

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Once the resolution is increased to 2560×1440, the Fury X extends its advantage and manages to exceed 40 frames-per-second. On another note, the minimum frame-rate is higher than the GTX 980Ti to create a less jarring experience during moments with hectic battles. This time, the R9 Nano finished ahead of the GTX Titan X in both average and minimum figures. Unbelievably, the R9 390 remained within touching distance of the GTX Titan X and manages to uphold a wonderful price to performance ratio. It might seem a little bizarre that the 390 outperformed the 390X but it’s within an acceptable margin of error. Even though the GTX 970 has an improved lead compared to the R9 380X, it’s still some way off the R9 390.

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Setting the resolution to 4K while opting for such a demanding preset poses a significant problem for the majority of graphics card available today.  The Fury X came out on top again and showcased its extraordinary performance at higher resolutions. Admittedly, the GTX 980Ti did score a slightly better minimum figure but it’s marginal. Even more impressive is the R9 Nano which manages to compete astonishingly well with an extreme grade factory overclocked GTX 980Ti. On another note, the 390X outclassed the GTX 980 and there’s a noticeable margin between the R9 390 and GTX 970. The 380X and 380 were able to complete the benchmark while the lower end NVIDIA solutions encountered huge performance problems.

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