Arctic Release Accelero Hybrid III-140 AIO GPU Liquid Cooler

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Many people like the idea of liquid cooling their system components, but daren’t venture into the full do it yourself market. Those people have had great joys out of all-in-one liquid cooling solutions for their CPU and in limited versions also for the GPU. Arctic already had their Accelero Hybrid II-120 on the market and now it is time for a bigger brother, the Accelero Hybrid III-140.

The Arctic Accelero Hybrid III-140 combines a liquid cooling solution with a 300W cooling ability, a 140mm radiator, an 80mm fan, and a heatsink to generate a pretty good graphics card cooler.


Arctic paid special attention to the voltage regulator modules and created individually made VRM heatsinks for NVIDIA and AMD graphic boards as well as generic ones to fit anything out of the norm. The downside to this cooler is that it takes up an expansion slot above your graphics card too and that is due to the memory and PCB heatsink that will be mounted to the rear of the card. There is no need for any gluing of heatsinks on the graphic card either, allowing you to go back to the stock setup if you wish to later on.




The released performance figures speak for themselves and it can cut half of the temperature when mounted on an AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics card. The stock cooler goes up to 94 degrees on the GPU and 76 on the VRM. With an Accelero Hybrid III-140 from Arctic, those are cut down to 46 and 42 degrees respectively. The noise production is also down with an impressive 60% reduction. The Arctic solution produces 0.3 Sone while the AMD cooler goes all the way up to 1 Sone.



  • Back-side cooler for lower RAM temperatures
  • Optimal VRM cooling through dedicated VRM heatsinks and an 80 mm fan for all NVIDIA and AMD graphic boards
  • Unparalleled performance with liquid cooling unit
  • Virtually silent thanks to low noise fan
  • Improved fan controller for NVIDIA graphics cards
  • No thermal glue necessary


The Arctic Accelero Hybrid III-140 is now available for a price of £84,99 at ARCTIC, Amazon, and Ebay.

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