Apple’s iPod Classic is No More

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But wait, there’s more! As we’re all busy “running around like a headless chicken” over Apples announced release of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iWatch and Apple Pay – a very special and original Apple innovation has slipped into the shadows.

When searching for a MP3 player for myself in 2010, I had the tough task of finding an alternative that meant I could store copious amounts of data wrapped up into a suitable interface. Now, I’m no Apple fanboy (currently Galaxy S4 user), but the iPod Classic was the only thing I could find at the time to suit my needs. Unfortunately, the old 256mb pen drive sticks of yesteryear would no longer ‘cut the mustard’.


Fast-forward to September 2014 and take a second to look at Apples iPod section, and can you see what’s missing? No official statement has been seen from Apple about this as of yet, but it seems that they are just planning to kill the iPod classic off silently without causing a stir. This marks the end of an era, gone but not forgotten.

So that now begs the question, if you’re still looking for a dedicated MP3 player with large scale capacity and a screen to boot, what are your options. Or is the age of the MP3 player dead as phones now reign supreme?

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1 Comment on Apple’s iPod Classic is No More

  • Avatar Alistair Hardy says:

    I was wondering about this myself the other day.
    Who still uses an MP3 Player?
    People doing that weird thing called exercise. They’re historically smaller and easier to strap to yourself than a phone. but even that is changing, with mobiles getting lighter and with services like Spotify. Plus that market is being pushed towards smart watches and wearable tech.
    Parents who are resisting buying their kids a phone. But that’s rare these days….
    backpackers travelers (battery lastering power, cheap to replace if lost).

    Other than that, in the mainstream, mass market, who’s going to buy one?
    Are they going to be slowly and quietly put to one side as the bridge product between the CD player casset player and the Smartphone?

    EDIT: Hey I had that MP3 player you used as a pic. Probably partly to blame for my crap hearing I have already 😛

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