AOC Launches Two New Ten-Point Touch Monitors

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AOC 10 point touch

Touch screens may not have proven popular with desktop users a few years ago, something that I think hurt the introduction of Windows 8, but as more and more mobile devices such as phone and tablets, as well as ultrabooks and similar devices feature touch screens its becoming more appealing to be able to get hands on and your desk. AOC have just revealed two brand new, ten-point touch capable displays, both of which are fully Windows 8 certified and feature a cool tilt function for optimal touch control, the new 72 Series models’ tilt angles can be adjusted from 15° to 57°

Equipped with high-grade IPS panels in the sizes 21.5″ (54.6 cm) and 23.6″ (59.9 cm), the new displays feature super-wide viewing angles, 2 x USB 3.0 and 2 x USB 2.0 ports, built-in 2w speakers, a microphone and a 720p webcam, making it ideal to quickly setup for video calls.

The 21.5″ (54.6 cm) Full HD model i2272Pwhut and its even larger 23.6″ (59.9 cm) brother i2472Pwhut feature ten-point infrared touch controller, allowing for full two-hand input, allowing you to do anything from type emails to play the piano through a multitude of supporting applications, of course should you want to, these monitors can also be deployed as standard monitors and their IPS HD panels make them great for professional editing work as much as they do gaming.

The WLED-backlit monitors deliver a Full HD resolution with a luminosity of 250 cd/m² and a pixel response time of only 5 ms. Next to a D-Sub input, signal sources can also be connected via two HDMI ports. With the MHL function, Android users can directly connect their compatible device to the monitors and display mobile content on the big screen.

The myTouchDisplays from AOC will be available as of February at MSRPs of £259 for the 21.5″ model i2272Pwhut and £289 for the i2472Pwhut (23.6″).

Thank you AOC for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of AOC.

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