Anti-Piracy Campaign Set to Begin in UK

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Oh no! Another anti piracy campaign that will change nobody’s opinion on piracy. Seriously, The UK government is starting a campaign next year that will involve sending people emails warning them that what they are doing is illegal. Example: I download loads of films and the UK government notices this, they’re not happy so they decide to inform me about something that I already know, they’ll inform me that I’m breaking the law by constantly downloading movies and shared files alike. Ok so what next you ask? Well i’ll tell you, nothing. Nothing will happen as a result of these emails, the purpose of the emails is to inform you that what you’re doing is illegal and that’s it. They’re not a threat, you’re not in trouble all it means is that you’re a pirate and the government know it.

As a citizen of the UK I will be under the influence of this campaign but I won’t change my opinion on piracy just because I might get an email in my inbox. The following video is what I think it will be like for pirates and UK ISPs.


Pretty accurate right? Apart from the sharks, the result is the same, nobody is going to care, they’ll get the email and bin it as if it was junk mail (Which it basically is).

Now what I’ve said in this article are my views and opinions on piracy and this ludicrous campaign that won’t change anything. I would love to hear what you folks think about this whole campaign as well, leave a comment!

Thanks to BBC for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of BBC.

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