Antec Soundscience Rockus 3D 2.1 Speaker System

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Antec Soundscience have certainly produced a very impressive product, that delivers brilliant sound quality with a very punchy and powerful bass. There are also lots of good features that have been incorporated into these speakers, but there are also a few basic tricks that they have missed. More worryingly the length of the speaker cables stop you from setting up the speakers in the perfect position, we simply don’t expect this kind of mistake from a company like Antec.

We do really like what Antec have tried to create with this product, and considering its their first venture down this audio path we certainly have high hopes and expectations for future products. The speakers have been built with an air of quality that makes them look very professional and we expect these speakers to lost the test of time as so to speak.

Unfortunately while the 3d mode is pretty amazing, it does have its drawbacks and certainly won’t satisfy all tastes especially as you can only use it with certain sources – such as movies, films and games and in some cases it will make your listening experience worse, but in others it will really bring the music to life.

Turning to probably the most important aspect of these speakers, is the price. They currently retail at £149.87 at Scan and while this is a fairly high price they certainly give you a lot of bang for buck and ooze quality. Couple that with an rms of 150w you really do have a powerful and brilliant set of speakers. For these reasons, we highly recommend this product even at this price.

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