Antec Soundscience Rockus 3D 2.1 Speaker System

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Speakers are a nearly necessary peripheral for your computer, but lots of users for various reasons spend quite a fair bit of money on such systems. We have found that either users buy a fairly cheap pair of speakers (or similar 2.1 system) or they splash out a decent amount of money and buy a full surround 5.1 system. We do as such wonder if there is a market for the more expensive 2.1 speaker systems. When most users think of speakers, we expect they will think of Logitech, or at the very least Creative. Certainly, Antec will be a surprise to most.

Soundscience, is a sub brand of Antec and has been created to produce speakers, audio components, video components and other accessories for PCs and while there range of products is fairly limiting they have certainly come out with a bang and a lot of fireworks with this product. Unlike other companies branching into the audio industry they have come out with a product that is both special and quite unique instead of trying to reproduce and improve products that have been on the market for years. The special feature with these speakers is the 3D feature, as well as being quite a powerful 2.1 speaker system with several inputs available including optical.

The question really is, do Antec and the new Soundscience brand have the expertise to produce great speaker systems that can rival the likes of Logitech and Creative and is this product the first of many amazing products.

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