Antec S10 Full-Tower Chassis Review

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Complete System

Total build time on the S10 was a breezy twenty minutes, but that’s hardly surprising given how much space there is to work with here. That’s a full ATX motherboard installed and as you can see, it barely fills the space that is available.


Making good use of that bottom 2.5″ drive bay, nice and easy to install the drives here. The only thing I would have liked even more would be a hot-swap adaptor at the back, but it’s not really needed thanks to the easy access side panel doors.


The lower cable routing hole came in very handy for routing cables to our graphics cards as it meant cables didn’t have to travel over, under or around the GPUs, which would clog up the airflow in the process.


The Sapphire R9 270X Tri-X Toxic isn’t a small graphics card by any standard, but there’s still plenty of room to spare in the S10. The added bonus of a bank of three 120mm fans blowing cool and filtered air right into the back of them is certainly a welcome addition to the setup.


Huge amount of clearance for the CPU cooler, the rear fan and more, should you wish to use a radiator on the rear mount, you’ll have no issues here.


Same goes for the top, more than enough clearance for a high-quality radiator configuration or AIO cooler.


One thing I didn’t like was the fact that without a wider motherboard the grommets were too far to be of any use. A second, closer set of grommets would have been nice. Of course, this is a null point, as there’s still cable passthrough room from behind the motherboard, airflow is still kept unobstructed and the chassis has no window panel, so style isn’t a focus here either.


All panels back in place and the S10 looks rather stunning, although I’ve left that top plastic cover off, that thing is ugly and I still don’t know why anyone would want it.


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4 Comments on Antec S10 Full-Tower Chassis Review

  • Sean Kumar Sinha says:

    The top cover is to hold the doors shut during shipping or when moving the system. – Sean @ Legit Reviews

    • tomekkk1 says:

      One question for you:
      – how come this is used for holding the door if doesn’t reached them at all?
      Doors are below lowest point of that plastic, opening is not affected at all with anything, had own lock – that’s only holds them.
      This plastics is an décor only. Bit disappointing piece of plastics – no other jobs it got…

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