Antec Released P50 Window Whisper-Quiet Cube Chassis

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Antec’s newest case is here and this time it is a cube-shaped chassis. The new Antec P50 Window features a two-compartment design and has room for a surprising amount of hardware despite it 312 x 260 x 330 mm size.

The two-compartment architecture allows for great airflow to your important components and prevents heat from one device to affect the rest as much. The PSU, Optical drive, and storage drives have their own compartment while the motherboard and add-in cards reside in the other.

P50-Window Right Inside

The case comes with two 120mm and one 80mm fan included and has support for two more 80mm on the rear and two 120mm on the top for a total of seven fans. The case should still stay silent thanks to the dual-layer side panels made from Polycarbonate and that eliminates vibrations fro within the chassis.

P50-Window Left Inside

The case is compatible with Micro ATX and Mini ITS motherboards and can hold graphics cards with a length of up to 300mm. A Multi-GPU setup isn’t a problem with that space and the four expansion slots at your disposal.

The CPU cooler has to stay below 130mm height, but most people will probably install a liquid cooling solution in a case like this and that’s no problem either as it supports up to two 240mm radiators at the top.

You can fit two 2.5-inch and three 3.5-inch drives into the case and you can do it tool-free. The front panel provides you with two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, and the obligatory audio jacks.


P50 Window

The coloured mesh panels seen below are optional accessories that can brighten up the case and its surroundings. Available in four colors, these mesh panels will set you back £6.99  each.




Antec’s cube shaped Quiet Computing enclosure P50 Window is available now and should arrive at a shop near you very soon. It comes with an MSRP of £59.99 which isn’t bad at all.

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