AMD Releases Budget Friendly A8-7670K APU

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AMD has unveiled their latest highly affordable APU which operates at 3.6GHz and turbos up to 3.9GHz on the stock profile. The A8-7670K’s GPU frequency performs at a respectable 757MHz which is a 37MHz boost from the A8-7650K. This combines with the 4-core CPU to produce good framerates at 1920×1080 providing the games aren’t too graphically intensive.

 A8-7670K APU

 A8-7670K APU 2

This chip is designed to compete with the highly popular Intel G3258 which overclocks like a dream and accompanies high-end discrete graphics cards remarkably well. AMD believes their APU line can complete with a value-orientated CPU and GPU combo from Intel and NVIDIA. According to AMD’s benchmarks, the $117.99 APU outperforms a G3258 and GT 730 in a variety in tests. As the chart below shows, the A8-7670K can achieve up to 21fps more than competing solutions.

 A8-7670K APU 3

 A8-7670K APU 4

 A8-7670K APU 5

Additionally, the APU’s 4-core architecture lends itself to better multithreaded performance and computational workloads. It even competes with the Intel Core i3-4160 at a lower price point. It’s not a revolutionary step but one which cements the viability of APUs in budget systems. Furthermore, the lack of a discrete card works superbly in combination with an Mini-ITX build.

The A8-7670K also supports DirectX 12, Virtual Super Resolution, HSA and can work alongside other AMD graphics products. AMD has always been perceived as the value option and the A8-7870K seems to reinforce that notion.

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