AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Pre-Order Pricing Appears Online

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The eagerly anticipated Radeon R9 Fury X from AMD is almost here. The card packs 4GB of the innovative HBM memory and promises impressive performance that could pave the way for an impressive future from AMD. Now, we already know that the official MSRP of the graphics card was expected to be around $649, but as with recent rumours about production troubles and even AMD cutting back on review samples, it seems the price is already starting to creep up. Quantity limitations mean that stock is in short supply and in some regions it’s no doubt going to be shorter than others, with a rumoured 30,000 units being made available globally at launch.

The first listings to show up online show the new Sapphire and Powercolor cards, with prices ranging from $670 up to a whopping $889; it’s worth reminding you that these are the same card, just a different sticker on the box for each brand. Supply and demand is about to kick in hard and I wouldn’t be surprised when we see $1000+ resale prices cropping up on sites like eBay.

The Fury X is due to launch tomorrow and we expect it’ll be a battle to the shopping basket for those trying to get a cut of the first wave of stock, so if you want one and you can’t wait till later in the year, get your trigger finger, and possibly your credit card, good and ready.

Sapphire-Radeon-R9-Fury-X-4GB-HBM (1)







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5 Comments on AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Pre-Order Pricing Appears Online

  • Avatar Eoin Mc Namara says:

    Yea, I was expecting this.
    However, this card is aimed to combat the Titan X, which is still more expensive for less performance (of what benchmarks we’ve seen)

    • Avatar koneko says:

      prices are in CAD you know? that’s around 627 us$

    • Avatar solomonshv says:

      titan X was rendered pointless the day that the 980 Ti came out. the cards perform within 4 FPS of each other. anyone who gets a titan X at this point is either loaded with money and doesn’t care about the price or is dumb.

  • Avatar Trenter says:

    No different than the titan x situation on ebay, some are still listing for $1500 or more. Just have to wait and see but several rumors have debunked the 30,000 unit rumors.

  • Avatar Vicken Boghossian says:

    People are so dumb. These aren’t even US prices. 670$ and 683$ is so close to 650$ its not an issue. The other prices are gdp and cad which have a min of 20% tax. Take 15% off those prices then convert to USD.

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