AMD Radeon R9 390X Cooler Pictured

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It’s been Nvidia who has been in the headlines the last couple of days, with their upcoming GTX 970 launch, but we shouldn’t forget about AMD who also are lining up their new series of GPU’s. While we don’t know much about them yet, it isn’t long since we reported about Asetek scoring their biggest deal to date with an undisclosed OEM partner. We, and everyone else, speculated back then that this could of course be AMD.

Asetek has had a big success with the AIO cooling they provided for the the R9 295×2 card, and it looks like AMD and Asetek both want to continue this fruitful cooperation. Images of the upcoming R9 300 series cooler-shroud have surfaced, confirming our previous speculation. The new cooler is almost identical to the previous by Asetek, except that fan hole has been moved to the end instead of the middle, as this is a single GPU card.

We can see the cut-out for the PCI power connectors as well as for the liquid cooling tubing on the side, and the bold Radeon print leaves any doubt aside. It is believed that we are looking at the cooler for the new R9 390X, expected to run with a Fiji GPU. We can also spot the base-plate of the cooler through the fan hole, which will cool the VRM’s and memory under the fan’s air-flow.

Whether an all-in-one liquid cooling solution is a good or bad thing comes down to preference. One thing is for sure though, AMD needed to work on their reference coolers, as it is their most critiqued side. It’s also with almost certainty that we can say that the AMD partners will release versions with their own cooling solutions, for those who don’t want to have an AIO cooler in their system, or just don’t have room for it.

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