AMD Radeon R9 380X Release Date and Price Revealed?

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Just last month, we heard that the AMD R9 380X was on its way, as a cards specifications, as well as a picture of the card from XFX leaked online. The new AMD card, although admittedly I use the term “new” lightly, looks set to topple the Nvidia Geforce GTX 970, offering impressive performance at a mighty affordable price range, which should make it ideal for 1440p gaming.

The new card features a 28nm chip, with a clock of up to 1100Mhz, 4GB of GDDR5 @ 5500Mhz – 6000Mhz and a 256bit bus. Of course, the specifications seem decent enough and no doubt a few AMD partners such as XFX, Sapphire, Gigabyte and Powercolor will put their own touch of magic in there to get the most of the card using custom cooling and PCB solutions; my money is on Sapphire putting out the best card of the bunch, as we’ve seen so many times with AMD cards in the past.

amd r9 380x spec

The card is expected to launch in just a few days time, November 15th to be exact, to the general public. Of course, this is just a rumour at this time, but Hardware Battle have proven a reliable source of leaks in the past.

What’s more exciting, is that the card is expected to retail at just $249, much lower than the GTX 970, which are often north of $300.

Are you looking forward to the R9 380X?

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2 Comments on AMD Radeon R9 380X Release Date and Price Revealed?

  • Avatar Curtis Corse says:

    Any word on recommended PSU? My wife is running my old GTX 770 with an underpowered PSU. Although we haven’t run into any problems yet, I’d like to get a different GPU in there before we burn up the PSU. If this thing really beats the GTX 970, I’d be willing to drop the $250 instead of just upgrading her power supply.

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