AMD Radeon HD 7990 Benchmarks Leaked!

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Breaking news, AMD Radeon HD 7990 reportedly beats the Nvidia GTX 690 Titan in a benchmark test. This information was leaked, as it was not due for release until April 24th.

Earlier this week, a prototype of the 7990 went up for auction on eBay and sold for nearly $100,000, why anyone would pay so much for cutting edge technology is beyond me, but someone felt the need! We have been patiently waiting for the specifications to be released, and today they were! As well as the leaked benchmarks, below are the results!

AMD’s flagship GPU will consist of two fully functional Radeon HD 7970 ‘Tahiti XT’ cores. The GPU was tested with 3DMark Fire Strike Performance and Extreme benchmarks, in which it apparently beat both the Nvidia GTX 690 and the Nvidia GTX Titan.


The results for the three GPUs put head to head were as follows, AMD’s Radeon 7990 clearly blowing the competition out of the water! Three tests were performed the 3DMark Fire Strike Performance, 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme and Battlefield 3 frame rate test.

With the 3DMark Fire Strike Performance scoring was 11479 marks for the 7990, while the 690 only scored 9863 and Titan came in third with 8859 marks.

With the Extreme benchmark, the 7990 scored 5854 marks, the 690 scored 5079 and Titan only received 4470 marks.

All three were tested in Battlefield 3 as well at 5760×1080 resolution. Once again the 7990 blew Nvidia out of the water! The 7990 was able to get an average of 57 FPS, while the 690 was a close second at 53.3 FPS, and the Titan coming in third once again with 40.3 FPS.

It sure looks like the new AMD Radeon HD 7990 is going to be a beast of a GPU! We can’t wait to see it hit stores for sale!

The usual words of warning apply with all “leaked” results, so take these with the usual precautions. But if they are true, indeed these are excellent results for AMD.


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