AMD Radeon HD 7730 From MSI Pictured And Benchmarked

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If you thought we were all done for new video cards from AMD from the HD 7000 series after the HD 7990 release, then you’d be wrong according to fresh rumours. Over in a China a new graphics card has showed up on some forums, the AMD HD 7730. As the above image shows, the person made crude attempts to cover up the HD 7730 nomenclature but “missed” it on the side of the box.


The MSI variant of this HD 7730 looks very much like a HD 7750 in its design with a single fan and black plastic shroud which covers a thin aluminium heatsink. To me this isn’t anything out of the ordinary as the HD 7730 is probably built to use the same HD 7750 PCB except with a GPU die change and less VRAM.

AMD_MSI_HD_7730_3 AMD_MSI_HD_7730_4

Above you can see two screenshots of the HD 7730’s performance in 3DMark 11 and 3D Mark Vantage where it scores P10764 and E4539. For a point of reference a HD 6670 scored P5366 and E2477 respectively meaning the HD 7730 has roughly double the GPU power of the HD 6670 – which is in essence the graphics card it is replacing since AMD never released a HD 7670.


As far as raw specifications go it is a bit tough to tell as GPU-Z didn’t pick much up but we still have some information on the box too. However, we can clearly see an 800MHz default core clock, 1125MHz memory clock (4.5GHz effective), a 128 bit memory interface, 72 GB/s of memory bandwidth, PCI Express 3.0 support, 1GB of GDDR5 and AMD Eyefinity support.

Availability and pricing is totally unknown, in fact we don’t even know if the HD 7730 will ever make it to market. For those of you who remember AMD’s HD 6930, that was only released to the Asian market and since this sample showed up in China it is quite possible it could be an Asian-only release too, but obviously we hope that isn’t the case.


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