AMD R9 290X and Titan X Go Head to Head With DX12

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DirectX 12 support has just been added to 3DMark and the results look too good to be true! Delivering performance up to 20x faster than DirectX 11 in certain tests. While Nvidia cards gain a lot from the new API, AMD cards have benefitted from the biggest improvement.

The R9 290X goes head to head with the new flagship Nvidia Titan X, even gaining a small lead in some cases. Looking further back, the 290X pulls a 33% lead on the GTx 980, making DirectX 12 a fantastic upgrade for any gamer with a high-end AMD or Nvidia card.

With DirectX 11, the Titan X and the 290X show some very exciting figures. The Titan X maxed out at an impressive 740 thousand draw calls per second, but a significantly more impressive 13 million, 419 thousand calls with DirectX 12; you don’t need to be Einstein to work out that that’s a huge improvement. The 290X managed 935 thousand and 13 million, 474 thousand in DX11 and DX12 respectively, beating out the Titan X in both respects and even beating out the Mantle API by 8%.

When it comes to the FPS results, we see the GTX 980 scoring 2.75FPS in DX11 and 15.67FPS in DX12, a massive improvement overall. However, that still falls short of the 290X, which clocked up 19.12FPS in DX12, although still short of the 20.88FPS it scored using Mantle.

DirectX 12 shows impressive scaling with extra CPU cores, although performance seems to taper off beyond six cores. Mantle has more significant gains here, being able to take advantage of eight cores. What is interesting is that enabling Hyper-Threading actually seems to hinder performance, DirectX 12 much prefers physical cores to boost performance.

Of course, the thing that’s most important to remember is that these are synthetic benchmarks. They give a nice ballpark idea of how the API can improve performance on these cards, but they’re little indication of real-world gaming and rendering performance. The API’s, drivers and in the case of Windows 10, the operating system that they’re operating on are all still in their infancy. We expect improved performance in the coming months and there’s even a chance that a new driver update could quickly put the Nvidia cards back on the top spot.







What’s great to see is that all the hype about DirectX 12 is finally starting to show some real world figures, and they’re very impressive.

Thank you WCCFTech for providing us with this information.

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28 Comments on AMD R9 290X and Titan X Go Head to Head With DX12

  • Avatar Nathanael Freihart says:

    A two year old card beating a brand new card with a brand new architecture while costing more then tripel of it in a bench that reliesnin the most advanced and futuristic software we have, that impressive. AMD relly did nicley there.

    • Avatar Dale Peter Golder says:

      DX12 really did the AMD market a favor here, I’m curious to see how well DX12 runs along side something like a 2700k & whether or not it would be worth picking up a second R9 290 and chucking that into my loop. Either way, it looks like DX12 has actually made gaming easier for DX12 enabled hardware 🙂

    • Avatar Mark Anthony Dodd says:

      AMD cards have always been held back by crappy drivers but have been the more powerful cards. Its like with iphones they are a lot weaker than android but ios is make specifically for one set of hardware so its why a dual core 1.6ghz ios phone can beat out a quad core 2.6 android phone with relative ease.

      • Avatar evolucion8 says:

        Yep, AMD throws more hardware on their GPU’s than nVidia.

      • Avatar Guest says:

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    • Avatar John Labrier says:

      These are only draw calls people. More draw calls do not always = more FPS. It helps FPS but there are many more factors. the 290x will not beat the titan x or the 980 even in DX12. If you look at the draw calls on here for DX11 you will see that the 290x had more draw calls from the beginning, but does it outperform the 980 in DX11? Yeah, wait for some actual FPS, then talk. FPS is what matters.

      • Avatar Nathanael Freihart says:

        “When it comes to the FPS results, we see the GTX 980 scoring 2.75FPS in DX11 and 15.67FPS in DX12, a massive improvement overall. However, that still falls short of the 290X, which clocked up 19.12FPS in DX12, although still short of the 20.88FPS it scored using Mantle.” fortht paragraph of this article, but i have alreadyhave seen graphs which precissed the scenario to be firestrike, a relly well known bench with sum reputation. so there are the fps.

        • Avatar John Labrier says:

          Those are draw calls per second not FPS dude. None of these are FRAMES PER SECOND. Try again.

          • Avatar Nathanael Freihart says:

            Read again the 4th paragraph of thsi article:
            The 980 gets 15.67fps with DX12 in this bench while the 290x gets 20.88 with Mantle, thats about a 33% higher framerate.

          • Avatar John Labrier says:

            I did read it, and those must be typos. Take a look at the second to last graph, and you will see that the ‘FPS’ they are talking about are all draw calls. And think about it for a second, this is all done in 720p, do you really think the FPS are gonna be that low?

          • Avatar John Labrier says:

            Dude that link, same thing, they are talking about that exact same graph. LOOK AT THE GRAPH. the second to last graph says draw calls per second in millions. Its the exact numbers they are talking about. It’s been a chain of typos. Learn to think for yourself, like I said, do you really think FPS is gonna be that low at 720p? I mean they have the 980 with 2.62 at directx 11, do you really think that is FPS? NO. That should be enough for you to investigate further. And I did. There’s been a chain of articles here just copying other articles and saying FPS when it should have been draw calls from the beginning. If you are still no convinced, wait and see when actual FPS come out. SMH

          • Avatar Danpapua says:

            Actually in Reality the Titan X is faster than the R9 290x. The new DX12 has a bunch of new features. that they have not released to public knowledge yet. DX12 is split into 2 parts DX11.u (This is what I am calling the Updates to the DX11 API) and DX 12. Your R9 290x only supports the DX11.u thus it does not support any of the new API functions. the Titan X can process Single point and Double point Floats much quicker than the R9 290x. Also I am not sure where they are getting FPS out of a Draw call test. Plus go look at some actual specs the Titan X comes to about 80-85% performance of the 295×2 (please keep in mind that the Titan X is a single GPU and it almost beats a dual GPU card). I am agreeing with John Labrier who also posted. I have a EVGA GTX 770 4GB SC and at 720p I am getting like 200-300 FPS I do not think that FPS is supposed to be in this article.

          • Avatar charlieboyk says:

            LOL ^ This guy!

          • Avatar rav55 says:

            They are not typos. 3dMark API Overhead Feature test runs determines what the draw call rate PER 30fps.
            Draw call rate is very important metric. You can not render them until you draw them.
            NVidia fails because they do not have Asynchronous Shader Pipelines and Asynchronous Compute Engines. That is AMD IP.
            AMD has been designing Radeon for 5 years to work with Mantle and XBOX API. Microsoft has been working on DX12 as longs as it has been working on XBOX.
            DX12 goes in XBOX this fall.

      • Avatar Greg Lindstrom says:

        the 290x already beats 980 in dx11 lol.

      • Avatar Greg Lindstrom says:

        the 290x already beats 980 in dx11 lol.

      • Avatar Greg Lindstrom says:

        the 290x already beats 980 in dx11 lol.

      • Avatar Greg Lindstrom says:

        the 290x already beats 980 in dx11 lol.

        • Avatar John Labrier says:

          LOL! in 4K maybe in some games, but not in any resolution below that, and definitely not at 720p.

          • Avatar Greg Lindstrom says:

            great argument. the 980 wins in low resolutions where every card is doing 60fps anyways

          • Avatar John Labrier says:

            That’s not the point I’m trying to make. This article only tested in 720p, so the 720p comparison of 980 and 290x is all I need to prove that the FPS mentioned in this article is not actually FPS.

            But about what you are saying, not everyone plays at 60FPS capped. Plenty of people play on 120Hz/144Hz monitors. It’s an enthusiast thing and these are enthusiast cards.

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    I got my second 295X2 so pretty happy with what this means for performance across the board!

    Goood work Microsoft, AMD, Nvidia. Making PC gaming even more relevant. Even better that the XONE can exploit this.

  • Avatar Kevin Brennan says:

    Hopefully Game Developers will implant DX12 into their Games because i still see alot of Games using DX9 and not DX11. :/

    • Avatar Guest says:


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    • Avatar gamerk2 says:

      Because XP is still about 20% of the market. And while DX9 is a dog compared to 11, Tessellation aside, there’s very little 11 can do that 9 can’t. So it makes a solid “fallback” path.

      • Avatar Corey says:

        Agreed, DX 9 is still a capable API, but with all the developers that jumped behind Mantle I wouldn’t be surprised if they add DX12 into their engine along side it.

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