AMD Phenom II X4 975 3.60GHz AM3 Processor

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AMD have been focussing on their new products with the likes of Bulldozer and the whole Fusion range as of late but haven’t forgotten about the users wanting more from an already current system.

AMD recently released a new flagship processor into their product line-up, in the shape of the Phenom II X4 975 BE. This is another Black Edition processor meaning that the multiplier is unlocked giving it more headroom for overclocking and a higher stock frequency.

AMD still believe there is life in the Deneb core and are squeezing more performance out of their quad core processor technology to come up with the X4 975 Deneb.


  • 3.60GHz clock speed
  • 2MB L2 cache
  • 6MB L3 cache
  • DDR3-1333 support
  • 45nm process technology (140W Edition)
  • True Multi-core Processing
  • Direct Connect Architecture
  • Integrated Dual-Channel Memory Controller with up to DDR3-1333 support
  • HyperTransport 3.0
  • AMD Balanced Smart Cache
  • AMD Wide Floating Point Accelerator
  • AMD Memory Optimizer Technology
  • AMD Digital Media Xpress 2.0
  • AMD Virtualization with Rapid Virtualization Indexing
  • Cool‘n’Quiet 3.0 technology

[HR][/HR] When buying a processor, you get the choice of an OEM or Retail version. Our processors come in a OEM style packaging that is specific to the media though when buying retail, you get a lot more but that is also reflected in the price. A retail version will come with a longer warranty, AMD certified CPU cooler and instruction manual.

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