AMD Makes Fun of NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience Driver Delivery Requirement

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NVIDIA recently announced a major overhaul of the GeForce Experience software and intends to only provide GameReady drivers through this client. Additionally, the software will eventually require an e-mail address and NVIDIA account to access the optimized drivers. AMD has responded to this piece of information on their official Twitter account which reads:

Any comments made on Twitter can be misconstrued and it’s impossible to know if this was a friendly jibe or attempt to discredit NVIDIA’s recent decision. Additionally, apart from the AMD faithful, I’m not entirely sure this kind of marketing endeavor is doing the company any favors. Some of you might remember the NVIDIA GTX 970 VRAM fiasco, and AMD launched a PR move to try to capitalize on the situation:

In the past AMD has also tried a similar strategy through ‘The Fixer’ video series:

Currently, AMD is struggling in the discrete graphics card market, and the only way to change their fortunes is through innovative products which offers a legitimate alternative to NVIDIA hardware. Instead of making comments about the competition, they should focus on hiring the best engineering team and scaling back the marketing aspect.

What do you think of AMD’s response? Do you feel this kind of social media presence is helping or hindering AMD’s public image?

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18 Comments on AMD Makes Fun of NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience Driver Delivery Requirement

  • Avatar PC-FREAK says:

    AMD is pretty much dead, so it doesn’t really matter anymore.

    • spoken like a true intel fan-boy 😛

    • Avatar Dragos Popescu says:

      when AMD will be dead, you’ll learn to hate intel and nvidia, mark my words…

      • Avatar epiquestions says:

        If Intel and Nvidia decides to jack up prices because there is no competition then people would just go outside. They would lose profit,they would sell less because people can’t afford their products. I think you don’t understand that people buy intel and nvidia products because they CAN AFFORD them and they think it IS WORTH their money. If consumers think that the price is too high they wouldn’t buy or upgrade. ARM would dominate computing/gaming and PC desktop /PC gaming WILL DIE. If you have a problem with that then you need to get a life (outside, with real people).

        • Avatar bloodyidiot says:

          Do you really think people buy intel/nvidia because it’s affordable?

          We all know there are internet providers that monopolize and the service sucks, did people stop paying for internet because there’s no competition? NOPE, because they need it and there’s no alternative. SIMPLE.
          If intel/nvidia will be left alone in their respective markets, do you think people will just stop buying their products? You’re funny man. Gamers and PC enthusiasts will keep on buying even if it gets expensive unless they will drop their hobby or something.
          But of course, it’s obvious nvidia/intel won’t jack the prices up to unreasonable amounts.

          Lol go outside? Where? Where else can you buy processors and graphics card?

          • Avatar Dustin M. says:

            Another thing that may happen is they might get lazy and greedy and become negligent
            of hardware and/or software development/production. In summary, they
            will use typical degradation market tactics to make more profit without
            raising the price, and buyers won’t be getting what they paid for.

          • Avatar epiquestions says:

            Yes. People buy intel/nvidia because THEY CAN afford it. What’s affordable to you may not be affordable to me. People have different incomes and preferences on what products they choose to save up on and buy (car, pc parts, comics etc etc). So when they buy it they know they can afford it and they think it is worth their money.

            You’re comparing apples to oranges. INTERNET service is a NECESSITY these days. You need it as a cheaper communication alternative. You need it for reasearch/work/studies, online shopping/delivery saves you time and money/gas money. There are a lot of uses for it. And the problem is not the isps, it’s the corrupt government that allows it to continue. And crappy internet service is not a worldwide issue. Some countries have fast cheap internet service.

            Personal PCs with medium to high end CPUS/GPUs are mostly used for gaming (except for rendering and other corporate use.). NVIDIA/intel overcharging would not force consumers to buy and upgrade every 2-3 years. This would directly affect their sales and the pc gaming sales as well. You don’t need a gen5 i7 /gtx 980TI to make spreadsheets or word documents or look at and edit pics in photoshop .

  • Avatar Djemboed says:

    Almost dead, np 😉

  • Avatar Cody Jackson says:

    AMD is not dead, though you might say “They’re really a tough Company” considering that they have two big companies to rival with. Nvidia on GPU, and Intel on Processor. It’s tough for their company to rival these two big companies specially that they have more time & resources working on a single engineering technology, what about AMD? they have to work with two engineering technology at the same time. I still applaud AMD for their efforts and good price-per-performance products in many years, and I hope in many more years to come.

    • Avatar epiquestions says:

      AMD is two separate companies essentially. They bought out ATI (the company that makes the GPU), I highly doubt they fired all ATI employees and split the current AMD employees to handle the GPUs. They just didn’t make smart decisions, business wise and in getting more talented people for their R&D

    • Avatar George says:

      You sir deserve my respect.
      I really hope AMD recovers, mainly because I like amd for it’s awesome price/performance ratio but even if I didn’t, for the sake of competition, monopoly would suck big time.

  • Avatar matt says:

    Its always fun to se companies take cheap shots like this. Lets not forget how samsung, lenovo and asus made fun of apple when bendgate happend. And now when amd makes a similar and way less aggressive stab at nvidia everyone gets offended and its the worst thing a company can do. Chill the fuck down people, its just a small stab at the competition

    • Avatar epiquestions says:

      Everyone gets offended? Where? LOL, exaggerating so that you would appear the calm cool person on the internet? pathetic .hahahahah

      With regards to the tweet, I think it is funny and taking stabs at the competition is normal. It’s just that AMD is in trouble and they need to focus more on getting back up. It’s like you are down 50 points in basketball and you are still trash talking your opponent. Your competition is still busy pounding you and they don’t care what you say because they are getting the results.

      • Avatar matt says:

        People, even the creator of this article are getting butthurt about it, just because a twitter person of amd made a “smart” remark about the subject. And saying that amd should focus on products and not trashtalking is like saying that the whole basketball team is not playing anymore and just talks shit on course, when in reality the team plays the best they can and just one or maybe two guys on the bench are yelling at the opposite team. I know amd is in a bad situation, but even a stab like this can win over some much needed customers.

        • Avatar epiquestions says:

          AMD saying that you don’t need email to get drivers is not going to win over customers.It is not a big deal and a minor inconvenience really. Sure we’d get a laugh. But after that, reality sinks in and they are still losing the battle. I would prefer reading tweets about their upcoming products with lower TDP and lower temps. They are already competitive with regards to GPUs processing power. Would love to go back to AMD/ATI again, they just need one big push to get back in the game.

          • Avatar matt says:

            Thats why zen cant come soon enough. It will be a breaking point, if they mess it up they are as good as gone, if they nail it, and actualy win the contract with apple for soc-s and maybe another generation of consoles they are hopefully back in the game. Amd will also benefit from nvidia choosing gddr5x for pascal instead of hbm2. I sure hope for a glorious return of amd.

  • Avatar Kurt Kuppens says:

    i love GeForce Experience so whatever they can say what they wont it wont make me get an amd gfx card 😛

  • Avatar GameLifter says:

    When I came across this tweet on Twitter I’ll admit that it got me worked up a little. Not because AMD was taking a shot at Nvidia but I felt they were grasping at straws with this tweet. When they made fun of Nvidia for the 970 3.5Gb fiasco it was funny and justified. With this? Not so much. To me, Nvidia requiring GFE and eventually an e-mail to get the latest game ready drivers is kind of silly but not a huge deal. Certainly not a big enough deal for people to freak out about and not a big enough deal for AMD to take a shot at them. Everyone has an e-mail address and GFE is not a horrible program.

    Sure, it could have been a friendly jibe at Nvidia and there is a solid chance it was but it could have potentially started a flame war between fan boys on both sides which is not what we need. Oh well. After getting worked up over this silly tweet I went back to playing games.

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