AMD HD 8570 “OIand Pro” Performance Revealed

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AMD’s new HD 8000 series graphics cards haven’t arrived to market yet and probably won’t until later on in this year. However, that didn’t stop AMD releasing some graphics cards from the HD 8000 series earlier this year as OEM parts for companies like HP. For example we saw the HD 8570 and HD 8760 graphics cards get “released”. Both these graphics cards were made available for the OEM market, not for retail, and are based on current GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture. Simply put, the HD 8570 and the HD 8760 are both based on current-generation graphics from the HD 7000 series but are named as part of the new HD 8000 series.

The HD 8570 which we are looking at today features 384 stream processors/ GCN cores, 24 texture units and a core clock speed of 730MHz. The memory bus is 128 but with 4.6GHz GDDR5 or 1.8GHz GDDR3 versions available. With 384 GCN cores it has about 33% less than a HD 7750 so we should expect a performance drop of around 25% or more over the HD 7750. However, the testing that was done pitted the HD 8570 up against the Nvidia GT 630 graphics card in its performance exposé. The reason being is that the GT 630 (OEM) and HD 8570 (OEM) will probably be priced similarly – around the £45-50 mark.

Below you can see the tests comparing the HD 8570 (OEM) against the GT 630 (OEM) in Battlefield 3, Winzip 16.5 and Musemage.

For those who can’t be bothered to watch the videos the results were as follows:

Winzip 16.5 – HD 8570 28.29 seconds and GT 630 47.04 seconds

Battlefield 3 – HD 8570 up to 39 FPS and GT 630 up to 30 FPS

Musemage – HD 8570 15210ms and GT 630 36691ms

So as you can see the HD 8570 is clearly more powerful than the Nvidia GT 630 although given AMD’s history with marketing, I wouldn’t be surprised if pro-AMD tests were hand picked or tests where AMD has specific GPU acceleration wins.




What are your thoughts on AMD’s HD 8570?

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4 Comments on AMD HD 8570 “OIand Pro” Performance Revealed

  • Avatar Jordan Buck says:

    a £40-£50 GPU that gives console like quality (720p at decent frame rates) to the PC audience for a cheap price, I hope that cards such as this become more popular and cheaper and bring in more PC gamers 🙂

  • Avatar zues says:

    both these gpus are useless, giving only igp (trinity/llano) performance.

    • Avatar Ryan Martin says:

      High end trinity only just beats the GT 630. The GT 640 beats the high end 5800k while the HD 6570 also beats the 5800K. A High end 5800K trinity APU costs £100. You can pick up a cheap AMD quad core CPU (based on the Trinity CPU part) for £55 and pair it with this card (costing £45) and it will cost the same as the 5800K and offer significantly better gaming performance. Your point is invalid. I am sorry you need to understand the bigger picture before you go making such unfounded statements. APUs are unique for an all-in-one package and they are better than Intel HD Graphics but discrete graphics cards are nearly always a better solution if you know what parts to buy.

  • I hope people will do the research before buying, as they may be in for a shock, the 8570 model number should denote a decent mid range card, as it is, this 8570 is just a rebadged budget 7000 series card, akin to the performance of a 6550, however, decent direct x 11.1 performance at 720p might be a step of for those used to the 5 or 6 series budget cards, who are now struggling to run some modern titles, however, as an OEM part, it might confuse system buyers who think they are getting a bargain with an 8570 gpu inside, just to realize that its a rebadged 7 series budget card, not a way to win friends AMD ! As for the specs of the card, although it has a low stream count of just 384, it does have 24 texture units, up from the usual 16 that this budget configuration usually carries, giving it just enough of a boost to beat the nvidia 630, performance with the gddr 5 memory seems capable, but I would not recommend buying systems installed with the slower gddr3 memory, the drop in gpu ram speed would be a critical factor in your frame rates, at best this card is a nice add on to a budget system, but the danger is that systems will be sold as “gamer” systems, with poor performance at 1080p, buyers will not be impressed.

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