AMD Bristol Ridge Geekbench Scores Spotted

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AMD Excavator Carrizo

In a final hurrah for AMD’s Bulldozer and its derivatives, Bristol Ridge APUs will launch later this year. Coming in just before Zen arrives in Q4, the update will bring Excavator to the desktop as well as introduce the new Socket AM4. Today, we’ve been treated to the Geekbench scores for the FX 9800P. Given the results, it looks like Excavator will be a nice IPC increase over the current Steamroller APUs.

Deviating from the rumoured 2.7Ghz base clock, the FX 9800P in the Lenovo 59AC sample runs at 1.85Ghz. Of course, this could be off given that Geekbench might not be properly reading the clock speed. The chip managed to score 2216 in the single-threaded tests and 5596 in the multi-threaded portion. This is pretty competitive compared to the FX 8800P especially given the clock speeds. Given that we don’t know the cTDP setting, we can’t draw too many conclusions.

AMD Excavator Carrizo 2

The biggest change compared to Carrizo is the use of AM4, FP4 and DDR4. Bristol Ridge will showcase the motherboards and memory controller that Zen will be using and that will be the most interesting part about it. By finally bringing Carrizo to the desktop in numbers, AMD will have a new desktop architecture since 2015.

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  • Avatar 12John34 says:


    DRR4 (last paragraph)

    I don’t think the memory controller in AM4 Excavator models will be the same with Zen’s. AMD is already using for over 6 months DDR4 with embedded Carrizo APUs. So Zen’s memory controller could be better, considering that we will see DDR4 Zen chips almost a year after the first Carrizo DDR4 chips.

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