Amazon Wants to Deliver to Inside Your Car

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Amazon is at it again, first with the drone delivery and now delivery to the inside of you car. No this isn’t a teleportation scheme where they shoot your parcel into your car; this is a little less sci-fi and a lot more jittery.

First off, you have to be an Amazon Prime customer; ok easy enough. Next you have to own an Audi; well I do like the Audi A4. Lastly, you have to live in Munich; yes Munich.

Let’s delve a little deeper into this. Amazon’s short term goal is for DHL to deliver a parcel to the trunk (boot for UK) of your car; the means of access is by offering a single use keycard to the delivery driver. Audi says there will be no additional insurance problems, as the delivery driver won’t have access to the rest of your car. In the future Amazon are looking to also accept returns from your trunk too.

I like this idea, it means you don’t have to wait at home for the parcel; it would make a brilliant way of delivering a secret gift while the recipient is at home.

I see three problems with this:

  • You have to be super trust-worthy of the driver
  • You can’t use your trunk for that day
  • What if you own a hatchback without a separate trunk space?

Thank you to The Verge for providing this information

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