Amazon returns money after SimCity dissatisfaction to a player while EA still being stubborn

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Electronics Arts are still struggling with SimCity features and servers days after the North American launch, and any form of reassurance to customers just isn’t working. To make things worse, gamers who purchased the game via Origin are having a tough time with EA and their return policy.

Many gamers are complaining about SimCity server issues which vary between access problems and restricted in-game features, ever since the North American launch. Still, EA stated that it will still not alter its digital refund policy, leaving the gamers in question in a state of complete dissatisfaction.

“In general we do not offer refunds on digital download games.” Said EA via Twitter where it directed its followed to the company’s returns and cancellation policy page.


There was also a case when one irate customer posted a screenshot of his interaction with EA support, where they threatened to ban his Origin account if he called the bank and stop the pending transaction since EA wasn’t willing to refund his money, (because screw your rights as a consumer?!? – Pete)

EA still continues to apologize for its ongoing multiple server issues. However, the company made a new spin as Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis said in a forum message,”what we saw was that players were having such a good time they didn’t want to leave the game, which kept our servers packed and made it difficult for new players to join” and continued, saying that their number one priority was to bring stability in their servers.

There was an issue which happened in EA Korea’s Facebook page since the page manager said that there were no local Asian servers for the game as there is a lot of piracy in Asia, so it would be difficult for the time being.

But then one of the players who bought the game via Amazon, Alex Gladd, said that the online retail store would be giving the refund. He contacted the company via their “Contact us” page and expressed his anger. Amazon gave a reply,’as a standard policy, Games, Game Items, and Software Downloads are not returnable after purchase. However, because of the circumstances, I’ve made an exception and issued a refund in the amount of $54.99 [not including $5 refunded for a previously screwed up pre-order].’

Its still not clear if Amazon would be returning the money to other people who have bought from them. But as of now, EA has stopped selling the digital edition of SimCity.

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1 Comment on Amazon returns money after SimCity dissatisfaction to a player while EA still being stubborn

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    EA. Now there’s one company I wouldn’t mind seeing bite the dust. I avoid their titles like the plague as I’ve had nothing but problems with their support which is a pity as there are some I wouldn’t mind and playing, eg Crysis 3 but unfortunately… Won’t happen.

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