Be “Alone” With Oculus Rift VR In Innovate Horror Game

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In Q1 next year, Greenwood Games will be launching on of the most innovative additions to the horror gaming genre in years. The game is called Alone and will require use of an Oculus Rift VR headset and while we didn’t need any more reasons to invest in the virtual reality goggles, this just reaffirms me that I need to start saving for their release.

Alone puts players into a lonely house at night. Next to an open window, you sit on the couch and play the horror game The Witching Hour, while outside the wind rustles through the woods. But after the first few minutes of the game, strange things start to happen in the house. Stranger and stranger noises, which are actually coming from the game on the television, are suddenly in the player’s living room, creating a spooky atmosphere. Doomed to motionlessness on the sofa and unable to investigate the dragging noises in the attic or the whispering voices, players are at the mercy of their imagination and growing paranoia.

It doesn’t matter if your own living room is bright pink, because when you’ve got headphones on and the VR headset on, you’re  sitting there looking through the eyes of someone stuck on a couch in a creepy living room, playing a horror game… I can’t think of anything more atmospheric and freaky that than!

Greenwood Games is now looking for supporters on Kickstarter to transform the prototype into a finished game. The basic financing will already be secured with US-$ 25,000; stretch goals include the localization and further development. The idea for Alone came from the fascination of founders Bryan Cohen and Dan Wallace with horror games, the Oculus Rift VR goggles, and the decision to take part in the Oculus Rift VR game jam in August, 2013. The fact that neither of them owned an Oculus Rift at that point was no obstacle. Rather, the inability to test on the Rift with the appropriate hardware resulted in an essential element of the game, the forced motionlessness of the player – but Alone manages to turn this adversity into a virtue, thanks to the skilled use of 3D goggles and sound, strengthening the game experience even more and leaving behind a lasting impression.

If you have Oculus Rift, Headphones, and an Xbox Gamepad, then you can download the 10 minute proof of concept demo on the official website at

Thank you Greenwood games for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Greenwood games.

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6 Comments on Be “Alone” With Oculus Rift VR In Innovate Horror Game

  • Champ Truex says:

    Growing up it was not safe for our eye to sit that close to the tv. but now we have little screens hanging off are faces and its okay now ?

    • v says:

      The tv was more harmfull. Technology changes and improves. 🙂

      • Champ Truex says:

        i must agree, But i guess id worry about being killed/robbed while gaming lol. you have to hearing no sight, someone could walk in rob you and you would not know,

        • Derp says:

          If you live in an area that unsafe, buying the Oculus should be the last thing your’re spending money on. Lol

          • Champ Truex says:

            Unsafe or not, it “could” happen anywhere to anyone at anytime lol. and i was being a smart arse about it, and i wont buy one anyway’s lol But i did like you’re comment!

          • Justain says:

            why wouldn’t you buy one? I haven’t tried it yet and have only seen reaction videos and it seems that everyone is blown away about how realistic it is. this is another step towards VR.

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