Alleged AMD “Bermuda” R9 390X Specifications Detailed – 20nm, DX12 and More!

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With AMD’s RX-2XX series now seemingly complete after the recent launches of the R9 295X2 and the R5 230, speculation is already hotting up for what might come next. Since AMD’s RX-X00 branding is relatively young we can safely assume the next series will go by the same naming conventions but transition from 2 to 3. At the top end WCCFTech reports that we should expect the R9 390X, R9 380X and R9 370X as the successors to the R9 290X, R9 280X and R9 270X. These next-generation cards should take advantage of TSMC’s 20nm process which is a shrink down from the current 28nm generation of AMD GCN based GPUs. AMD_R9_300_Series

These new 20nm parts will be codenamed “Pirate Islands” and succeed the current “Volcanic Islands” based RX 200 series. There will be three main GPU cores available which will probably be sub-divided to form multiple graphics card SKUs. Bermuda is the replacement for Hawaii (R9 295X2, R9 290X, R9 290), Fiji is the replacement for Tahiti (R9 280X and R9 280) and Treasure Island is the replacement for Curacao (R9 270X and R9 270). This new generation of AMD graphics cards is expected around late November 2014, that’s still 7 months away. Given that AMD and Nvidia are both relying on the same 20nm TSMC process we should also expect Maxwell to be delivered in a similar Q4 2014 time frame. The above specifications are all subject to change, as you might expect this early on in the development cycle. However, it’s great to see AMD will be continuing to increase stream processor count while shrinking the process node size and maintaining high clock speeds. If these early specifications are anything to go by AMD’s RX 300 series will be impressive to say the least.

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35 Comments on Alleged AMD “Bermuda” R9 390X Specifications Detailed – 20nm, DX12 and More!

  • Avatar Derek Johnstone Macrae says:

    oooooh, those rops….

    • Avatar Wayne says:

      This is what I was alluding to when I said Hawaii was well on it’s way to obsolescence. Kinda like takes the wind out of it’s $1500 sails.

  • Avatar Ronald says:

    Lord ol Mighty…96 ROP and 264TMUs…8K ready !!!!

  • Avatar Acidfix says:

    This will be next year’s video cards. Look at the R9 290 Hawaii GPU, it’s going to be Direct X 12 when DX12 is released. That alone will give it a large boost in DX12 games. On paper it’s about 50-65% so that’s going to be at least 45% I can understand if you’re going to be running three 4k monitors that you would want to upgrade. It’s also fun to speculate about next gen hardware.

    I just don’t like to be a beta tester and that is what you are when the first batch of reference GPU’s are released. I’ve always waited for Gigabyte or XFX to release there cooling design and pick from there. So we’re taking at least 10 months to a year before these cards will be available and the first few batches are released then driver updates fix whatever issues people are having.

    I’ve been looking at the R9 270/270X (in Cross Fire) and the Gigabyte R9 290 OC Edition as a single GPU. And comparing them to the nvidia 760 (in sli) to the Gigabyte 780 Titan as a single GPU. After ruling out XFX this time around due to Gigabyte having the better cooling option with WindForce 3.

    After checking out the lower end cards I decided to go with a single card since I am only going to be running one 2560×1440 27″ monitor and a second 1920×1080 22.3 inch in portrait for more control over my twitch stream and CPU/System/GPU monitoring as well as checking things out like doing a Google search or whatever while in game.

    4k is just to small even on a 32″ display let alone these 24″ and 28″ monitors I’ve been seeing.

    Maybe for a kid that sits less then two feet away from the monitor that might work but I guess I’m getting old because even with my new glasses, It’s a eyesoar.

    So I picked up a Gigabyte R9 290 OC Edition. Put it in performance mode or “Uber Mode” I’ve been hearing people call it. And I must say it’s one hell of a GPU and it has not got any hotter then 64C even with the edtional OC of 1220 GPU & 1325 Memory. I’ve yet to go further then that since I’ve found no reason since the stock GPU clock of 1047 is great and if you bump up the memory to 1295 you’re going to get 333 rather then the 320 memory bandwidth.

  • Avatar kmo91120 says:

    new update gtx 970 980 are out.
    few days to nowember.
    dx12 api gpu cards .
    still have to wait to 2015 to get dx12 demos games programs.
    windows 9 may support dx12 out of box.
    dx12 support on 2xx 3xx cards

    • Avatar Samarth Kulkarni says:

      Okay, just so that you know. There is NO Windows 9. It is Windows 10! 🙂

      • Avatar Mengede David says:

        everyone is skipping these days. Nvidia goes from 700 to 900. Windows from 8 to 10…. And let’s see if AMD goes from 200 to 400…just because they can XDDDD

  • Avatar jar fin says:

    bullshit,and all know it.
    does anyone imagine how much thsi kind ‘ironman’ hardware need power??
    i can say,HUUGE,what is not these days point anymore or way to make ‘goodä gpu for gamers or even budget players.
    looks than md cant do anything else that raising rops and tmu’s and megahrtz…huuh! what a amateur.
    4224 is totally out of space.

    but amd need at least 3000 to beat 980 Ti and 3500 to beat gtx 990,but if amd do it,power hungry is at least twice,so it loose race bfore it start.

    even r200 series it almost need it single card watercooler so r300 series need it for sure.

    btw,remembe that R9 300 series is agains for nvidia NEXT generation gpu card,like gtx 1080,bcoz amd skipped 8000 series wich one should be agains 700 series and release r200,totally new card.
    now nvidia skipped 800 series and release 900 series,for amd and nvidia is even.

    well,thats it,amd just cant compete eith cpu and not gpu.

    hmm,i need huge powersource nexta amd gpuäs,i never do that for only gpu,and i want save cash for something else than electric bills.

    amd is dumped.

    • Avatar strangeman says:

      The amount of bullshit I see in your post is ridiculous. You have the names of almost all the cards wrong. The amount of of spelling errors is kinda sad…

      • Avatar Zabaniya says:

        im surprised you actually managed to read all of it lol. im still trying to make sense what what he’s talking about

    • Avatar Golam Annoor Mahboob says:

      do you even own a pc bro?

    • Avatar Mengede David says:

      You realize that even if your PC sucks 200 Watts MORE…the bill at the end of the year is only like 5€/$ more then…right?

      Also the 300 series is in 20NM…and will thus probably draw less power than Maxwell…just saying. Also those specs are old.

      There is no GDDR5 on the cards…there will be stacked memory on it. Stacked memory needs only 30% of the energy of GDDR5 and is anywhere between 4 to 9 times faster.

      That alone is going to lower the power draw…in addition to that it’s only a 20NM GPU.

      THe amount of bullshit you wrote hurts my brain.

  • hope the power consumption is not to much 🙂

  • Avatar Mengede David says:

    8K gaming is not feasible. The amount of performance you need is just dumb.

    Even with 4x 980 or 2x 295X2 you are not going to get any good framerate.

    Keep in mind that you need a graphics card that is about 6x as strong than a card needed to run 4K gaming smooth.

    That’s gonna be a few years until that is fully feasible. Even for most enthusiasts Quad SLI is not a real option…and even then it’s not enough right now. You would need to be able to at least put 6-7 GTX 980 into SLI just to run 8K gaming at a stable 30FPS…that’s just madness.

    And then there is the problem of Vram….you’d need a card with 6GB Minimum.

  • Avatar Cullen Torkelson says:

    amd is relying on a die shrink in order to try and compete with nvidias 900 series. but the second they release the flagship 390x, nvidia will launch a 20nm flagship, either 980ti or titanx that will smoke amd. because nvidia was able to make very significant improvements to efficiency with “simple” architectural changes. so a die shrink on maxwell is going to make amd look like fools. amd keeps falling further and further behind

  • Avatar Nick Korj says:

    390x is better that all videocardz

  • Avatar Andrew says:

    The 390x is just a lower line from 490x some say it will be 5GB, but it wont unless it’s a lower line of graphics card from the 400x series. The core clocks are too low, they’ve been 1000MHz for years now, wtf.

  • Avatar Andrew says:

    probably right because everything has been milked since day one, I hate milked technology and as you see it’s syncing up because of black Friday which is a scam.

  • Avatar Thomas Dameron says:

    For anybody hitting up this site, turns out these specs were more than likely made up. The 300 series is going to use HBM and be manufactured on 20nm, and the 390X will use a 4096-bit bus and 4096 Stream Processors. There won’t be GDDR5.

  • Avatar Simonh2159 says:

    these new cards will be big leap in the right direction for amd because of new API s mantle but more importantly DX12 ,just read test by annandtech and results are quite staggering at the time of the test nvidia 980x came out tops with over 50% more like 75 increase in performance in dx12 i feel this factor alone in win 10 wil be a massive leap forward microsoft have too do something as win 8 8.1 were not the success they hoped for ,but they are giving free upgrade too all win 7,8,8.1 users for year shows they are pretty intentionial,plus win 10 sees a new browser which is way overdue .anyway amd always have been first to adopt new microsoft API s amd have had much longer than anyone else to work and perfect compatiblity, so just get your orders in as feel main problem will be suppy ,have to wait and seehow that works out

  • Avatar Tuco Ramirez says:

    It’s “You’re” not “Your”, stupid.

  • Avatar kmo91120 says:

    now we got r9 390 card inside our computer. we just have to wait 4k windows 10 to enable dx12 support on ati. nvidia is out of box support since 10074. many months later discussion ramble down to dx12 games and 3dmark 2013 dx12 test future tests are enabled in 15 version and higher. Run It and have fun to dx12 games comes out of tha BOX on an playa 4 fun.cyanyde folks

  • Avatar kmo91120 says:

    something i pretty wrong with amd drivers. it only comes up as 11.1 on a ati 390 gpu card. go for nvidia msi 960 and try out the real dx12.darm it.

  • Avatar kmo91120 says:

    something i pretty wrong with amd drivers. it only comes up as 11.1 on a ati 390 gpu card. go for nvidia msi 960 and try out the real dx12.darm it.

  • Avatar kmo91120 says:

    something i pretty wrong with amd drivers. it only comes up as 11.1 on a ati 390 gpu card. go for nvidia msi 960 and try out the real dx12.darm it.

  • Avatar kmo91120 says:

    something i pretty wrong with amd drivers. it only comes up as 11.1 on a ati 390 gpu card. go for nvidia msi 960 and try out the real dx12.darm it.

  • Avatar kmo91120 says:

    something i pretty wrong with amd drivers. it only comes up as 11.1 on a ati 390 gpu card. go for nvidia msi 960 and try out the real dx12.darm it.

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