Akasa Internal Cardreader with Bluetooth Review

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If you look back several years, we all had Floppy Disk drives which were mostly of the 3.5″ form, and of course all cases had the 3.5″ bays at the front to take a floppy drive. Things have changed a lot since then, but not quite as much as you might expect.

While we all upgraded our optical drives from CD and then to CD-RW and eventually doing the same with the DVD format, the humble floppy disk drive did have a slow and painful death. Why would you need 1.44Mb of storage when you could use a 750Mb CD? Well Akasa have decided to take advantage of the fact that there are still lots of cases out there that have 3.5″ bays at the front, especially their own. However, instead of providing with a Floppy Disk Drive they have upgraded it to something that should be quite a bit more functional for most of you, an internal card reader. Everyone who has a camera or phone, or many other devices, will know the fun of memory cards, and while you can plug most phones and cameras into USB ports it is often a lot easier to take the memory card out and plug it into a card reader.

Akasa have as such provided us with a good array of media card support, they have gone for 6 different slots catering for all the popular brands and sub-brands of memory cards. On top of this, for extra functionality, they have added Bluetooth, which is never a cheap addition. In theory this allows you to connect your phone, headset and other devices directly to your computer without any wires.

We do however know, from experience, that Bluetooth can be very hard to get to work with a PC, and is often quite temperamental, so heres hoping Akasa have got it right.

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  • Great review once more. Although to be precise, some of my teachers still use the floppy…

    One question though, on my laptop when I eject the SD card in the built-in card reader, the reader completely disappears and I have to re-boot the system to have it to appear again. Any kind of similar problems?

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