Aerocool GT-S White Full Tower Chassis Review

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The motherboard back-plate features a CPU cooler mounting cut-out, as well as four good size cable routing cut-outs that are fitted with high quality rubber grommets. There are also a few smaller cable routing holes at the top of the motherboard for dealing with CPU power cables and fan cables for any top mounted cooling.


In the top you’ll find a high quality 200mm Aerocool fan, but you can always remove this and installed 2 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm fans or up to 240 / 280mm water cooling radiators.


The PSU mount benefits from four thick rubber pegs which will help reduce noise and vibrations, and the base fan mount features an internal dust filter to help keep your system well protected and clean.


Having 5 x 5.25″ drive bays does seem excessive given that the case has a built-in fan controller, but each does come fitted with a good quality quick-release tool-free mechanism and the bottom bay also comes fitted with a 5.25″ to 3.5″ / 2.5″ adaptor to help you expand your storage space even further.


There are 7 hard drive bays in total and there is loads of ventilation through the bays to allow the front 200mm fan to keep the rest of the system nice and cool.


The 140mm exhaust fan at the back adds another touch of blue to the chassis and there is plenty of room at the back for a 120 / 140mm AIO water cooler should you want to take the fan out.


Each expansion bay is fitted with a ventilated re-usable cover and instead of screws you’ll notice these lock-in levers which pin your GPU or similar expansion card against a firm rubber pad. Quick and easy to use and completely tool free.


The back of the motherboard is littered with cable tie loops that will really help in keeping your cable management in order.


And there is plenty of clearance for a lot of excess cables should you get lazy and feel the need to just cram it all behind the motherboard.


Behind the front panel cover you’ll see a few extra cable routing holes above and below the fan, as well as a few orange cables that supply the front panel LED’s with power.


The top panel lifts off, but the IO panel towards the front is attached to it so you have to handle it with care.


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  • Avatar marty1480 says:

    Looks like a really nice case. But I just wish Aerocool would stop putting slotted fan mount points on their side Windows. It is just an entry point for dust that is hard to filter out and on the top one it is impossible to mount a fan if your are using a 120mm / 140mm closed loop water cooling solution that is mounted on the rear.

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