Aerocool DS Dead Silence 120mm & 140mm Fan Review

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Final Thoughts


The 120mm Dead Silence fan will set you back £12.99 and the 140mm Dead Silence fan £15.99 from This is incredible value for money given their overall performance given that most offerings on par with this kind of performance will typically set you back around £20 each. I doubt you’ll find a better or equal performance fan for less money.


I’m blown away by the performance of these fans, they’re simply stunning in literally every aspect and their price tag only goes to sweeten the deal even further. Having proven they can offer improved cooling performance by a significant margin, while staying virtually silent, is an impressive feat and one that I won’t forget any time soon. If you’re planning on upgrading the fans on your cooler, or within your chassis then there really isn’t much better on the market to pick from and when you’ve got an extremely competitive price tag it really is a no-brainer that Aerocool suddenly have one of the best solutions on the market for fans.

The design is unique, I really like that the fans have a dual colour design that would look great in any build thanks to the choice of colours, but I also love that the design is the by-product of function. All the rubber strips, bumps and notches are there to improve performance, not for style. It’s rare that we see something unique looking when it comes to fans, so its refreshing that the design is unique. I really like the colours we tested today, but personally I think the black and grey model looks best, as it’s a little easier to accommodate into any style of build, however that’s just my personal taste.

Value for money is high here, and the inclusion of a 7v adaptor cable and a molex adaptor ensures maximum compatibility for your system build, while having rubber pegs and metal screws at your disposal means you shouldn’t run into any issues getting the fans quickly mounted on your cooler or chassis.


  • Great design
  • Flawless performance in all tests
  • Virtually silent
  • Extra connections and fittings included
  • Very competitive price


  • An LED on/off switch would have been nice, but hardly a deal breaker

“It’s the little things that add up to making these a great product, performance is obviously one of them, as well as the bundled accessories and their overall design, but the addition of uniformly quiet performance, a low starting voltage, LED lighting that isn’t over powering, and a sweet low price tag make them nothing short of an essential purchase.”

Aerocool DS Dead Silence 120mm & 140mm Fan Review

Aerocool DS Dead Silence 120mm & 140mm Fan Review

Thank you Aerocool for providing us with this sample.

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