A Lot More Borderlands 2 DLC Coming This Year, Including Level Cap Increase

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I’m a massive fan on the Borderlands series and Borderlands 2 has been one of the most expansive, rewarding and entertaining gaming experiences of the year so far. When I bought it, it was a big game, with plenty to see and do, many times more than you get with most modern shooters and the best part of all is I could play it in co-op with my girlfriend, in the best co-op format there is, couch-co-op. Yet the development team are clearly not satisfied with creating one of the best gaming experiences of the year and they want to give us more!

The game has already had a complete set of DLC added to it that has raised level caps, added new areas, new enemies, bosses, weapons, customizations and a whole lot more and many gamers, myself included, figured that was the end of it all, no more content. The developers have come out this week and said “yes we are done with the DLC, or at least Season 1 of it”…. Time for season 2!

The Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2, further level cap increases, the Digistruct Peak Challenge and Headhunter packs can be expected, oh and also some free updates that will increase backpack, bank and ammo capacities to help accommodate the higher levels and extended play times.

Level cap will be set to a whopping 72, but even better is the new ability to tweak your in-game difficulty outside of your level for “extra challenges” and this could fix the over powered issue that plagues some missions in the game. New quest lines will include working with Tannis to train Crimson Raiders after the main story events, the return of the once dead T.K. Baha and that they hope to make 2 or 3 Headhunter expansion packs that will take the game’s content schedule up to at least October.

Think you’ve completed Borderlands 2? If they keep releasing content at this rate, no one ever will. The new content will not be included in the season pass, but headhunter pack should only be around $5.

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