5 Innovations That Improve Business Efficiency

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Advances in Technology have led to increased efficiency throughout all areas of our lives. No other area has seen more improvements than the workplace. From warehouses to the office, technology has greatly improved productivity. Here’s a look at 5 of the best innovations for business efficiency.

1. Grexit

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Grexit is innovative software developed to integrate all areas of communication within a company. It collaborates with Gmail software and streamlines project management. An individual can share an email with others and monitor the progress of various assignments — all within a Gmail inbox.

Labels allow the project manager to delegate assignments, and tracking features help to keep the project going full steam ahead.

2. Job Scheduling

If you’re working for a company that wants to minimize over- or under-scheduling, maximize work efficiency, and utilize all your resources, then look into improving your job scheduling. ORSYP’s job scheduling software offers a scalable approach to managing employees.

It gives real-time updates to its users, while insuring auditing standards are met. Job-scheduling software is an innovative way to ensure maximum production from your most important assets, your employees.

3. Stock Market Apps

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To be successful and efficient, businesses need to be fully aware of their surroundings. This includes knowing the economic climate. It can be difficult staying on top of the varying situations, but luckily technology has solved this problem through the use of applications.

There are several apps that easily display the current stock market situation and many of which provide understandable explanations. This will help any business prepare for fluctuations in the economy and adjust accordingly.

4. Cloud Storage

There are several available cloud storage programs that greatly improve workflow efficiency. With applications like DropBox, Google Drive, Soonr, and their like, cloud storage is a perfect solution for the hectic work place. It allows people in the office to simultaneously work on documents and share them with anyone who’s connected to the storage network.

Employees can edit, share, ad save documents to the cloud storage and then access them anywhere on a tablet, computer, or smartphone. This capability is unprecedented, and companies are just beginning to recognize the benefits of using cloud storage.

5. Video Conferencing 

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The days of company managers traveling to obscure lands for business meetings are now a thing of the past. Advances in video conferencing have revolutionized the way we hold meetings. Owners no longer have to waste funds traveling and staying in hotels, they can easily communicate with people from across the world in the comfort of their office.

This is streamlining productivity because it allows a manger to meet with multiple clients in a personal manner building strength in those relationships. It also allows them to devote more time to the company because they do not have to travel as much. Video Conferencing is an excellent innovation in business efficiency.

An inefficient company is likely to struggle, especially in today’s competitive market. Companies need to take any steps they can to ensure productive expenditures. From video conferencing and job scheduling to accessible storage, technology has developed many useful innovations.

What other business innovations do you know of that can improve efficiency?

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