4 Awesome Features that 8th-Gen Consoles Bring to the Table

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The 8th generation of video game consoles has finally arrived after being anticipated since 2009, at the very least. Because of advances in technology — think Google Glasses — people expect a lot from the new generation of their favorite consoles, namely Wii U, the Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4. Will the new features live up to avid gamer expectations?

The Fastest Processors in the Land

Some 8th generation consoles have a leg up on the competition. Wii U has already premiered, after all, leaving Microsoft and Sony ample opportunity to up the ante. The same goes for lesser-known but hotly anticipated consoles such as Steambox by Valve, Game Stick by PlayJam, and Nvidia Shield by Android. How will these consoles take the upper hand? Processor speed is a clear leader so far.

Both the Xbox and the PlayStation use an AMD chip and a System on a Chip, or SoC. This allows the consoles to combine their GPU with their CPU, creating a smaller, more streamlined machine. PlayStation has a 1152 core processor for stellar speeds, but compared to the 360, the Xbox One’s 768 core is still pretty impressive.

Internet Connectivity Makes It Better

The good news is that neither Microsoft nor Sony will make gamers stay online all the time to play their games. At one point, Microsoft intended to make Xbox One users stay connected to the Internet around the clock, even to play offline games. While that’s no longer an issue for seemingly any of the 8th generation consoles, a fast, stable Internet connection is still a must.

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Other connectivity features include ample ports. Hook up through Ethernet or USB 3.0, or make use of steady streaming Wi-Fi. This is definitely the best choice, owing to other brilliant features on the next generation of gaming consoles. PlayStation has even introduced Bluetooth 2.0 with the PS4.

A Graphic Representation

The graphics on next-gen consoles are big jumping off points. When the Wii U came out, everyone wanted to see how the graphics look—and they were appropriately stunned. During demos for Xbox One and PS4, the colors and video still played large roles, but these two 8th gens feature something even better. While Nintendo, unfortunately, still hasn’t included any movie-watching magic, both Microsoft and Sony include Blu-ray and DVD as standard features, making their consoles all-in-one entertainment options.

More RAM for Your Buck

Every gaming manufacturer has quickly realized the need for more memory and storage room. As a result, you’ll find faster memory boosts than previous incarnations. Your new PS4 will feature GDDR5 memory, but all gaming consoles will generally offer up 8GB worth of RAM. 500GB hard drives are similarly standard, so with a new console, you’ll essentially have a new computer.

Some have worried that 8th generation consoles will mark the end of gaming, but hardcore gamers realize it’s just the beginning. What new features excite you the most?


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