13 Year Old Boy Attempts To Rape Mother, Then Murders Her, Because Of Call of Duty?

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A boy from Iowa is on trial for some truly terrible crimes in what is quite simply a horrifying incident, unfortunately for the rest of the world, to add to the sadness of what has happened, video games have been brought into the mix once again.

The boy is on trial for the shooting and killing of his own mother last March, where evidence was heard from a 911 call where the boy (Noah Crooks) told the dispatcher that he shot his mother after she removed his copy of Call of Duty, the boy said “Something just came over me”.

Now of course, this isn’t a case of he played Call of Duty, saw that guns were cool and shot her, at the age of 13-14 it’s easily possible for anyone to get emotionally upset about something they care about, in this instance, it just happened to be a computer game.

“I feel crazy and I know I’m not. I think I have some form of ADD…I tried to rape her. I tried to rape her but I couldn’t do it…Who tries to rape their own mom? My life is down the drain now.” said Noah to the Jury, in regard to his attempted rape of his 37 year old mother.

Noah has admitted that he is responsible for his mothers killing, and his attorney confirms that he is not denying the charges, but the attorney is claiming that the boy suffered what is being referred to as a “tumor of rage”, rendering him insane at the time of the killing, confirmed by a child psychiatrist testimony that the boy would or has suffered from this mental illness and would likely see repeated episodes of violent behavior.

To make matters worse still, the gun used was a .22 caliber rifle, which was gifted to him by his mother when Noah was 11 years old, so he was already in possession of the weapon used for the murder and clearly had easy access to it from a young age.

The boys father wasn’t at home at the time of the incident only to find out from his son via text message, later confirmed by the local sheriff’s deputy, which is said to be the first confirmed killing in the town in over a 100 years.

My heart goes out to the family involved and it saddens me to hear stories like this to a great extent, because simply… this is just awful and no matter what anyone tells you, this boy clearly needed help and still does. Do I think this has anything to do with the boy playing Call of Duty, no I don’t, no one bit.

What are your thoughts on this one, where does the blame lie, is it simply with the child, with his parents for providing him with a weapon, or do you think its simply something like Call of Duty. I know this is a controversial subject on so many levels, but I really would like to here your opinions on this one.


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22 Comments on 13 Year Old Boy Attempts To Rape Mother, Then Murders Her, Because Of Call of Duty?

  • Avatar Rm Bulanon says:

    Never give an immature person a gun. Doesn’t matter if you educate them well… they are young and shouldn’t have access to guns.

  • i will not let my daughter play this violent games , this is sad 🙁

  • Avatar luis says:

    Don’t blame games for dumb people mistake. If i remember right 90 cartoon had a lot of violent the only reason we hear more of this issue then the 90s is due to the internet and the fact that everyone now blame movies/games for this.

  • Avatar Roger Pell says:

    guns dont kill people do …dont give people guns then they dont shoot people simples….but obviously not in america where guns seem to have the sway over peoples lives

    • Avatar someone says:

      Its a circular argument unfortunately, people are quick to blame the tools used. Here in the UK we have fewer guns but higher knife crime.

  • Avatar Gareth says:

    Very sad story, and my sympathies go out to everyone involved – including the boy.

    If his gift at 11 had been a baseball bat and his current passion had been (say) his bike, and he’d been grounded, the same thing would still have happened. This is the result of a kid with issues, not the result of a kid with a gun or a kid who likes video games. The outcome would have been the same but the story ignored by the video game lobby and the anti-gun lobby.

  • It is seriously strange how could a kid, especially being a 13 y/o, to at least bloody think to rape their mother. I know all about the Freudian theories, but damn, in almost all cases the superego should sink the urge deep into the unconscious.

  • Avatar ghostzonegaming says:

    Ghostzonegaming.com here, we wanted Weigh on the subject. I’m 29 years old, I grew up in the mortal combat street fighter era and I never just randomly punched or kicked any one in the face or tired to kill someone with my bare hands. Video games are what they are entertainment. I mean not everyone who heard cowboy radio shows in the past took their pops gun and killed a guy because they looked weird lol their is violence in almost every form of entertainment, it comes down to the parents cause even though I had tons of gory crap around in the form of video games like house of the dead the first resident evil I didnt kill no one none us did cause ain’t no body got time for that lol. And guns don’t walk around shooting people its stupid people that forget the word consequences That go balls to the wall for no reason there’s no high or train of thought just plan stupidity, your not impressing anyone only hurting people. U taken our guns we can’t protect our selves from the idiots with guns cause the cops take to damn long to show up lol in that case yup I’m a shoot ya (Chris rock voice) so yeah teach your kids guns and rape are wrong and chances are they won’t do it. Ghostzonegaming out!

  • Avatar Marc Borland says:

    Isn’t the COD series rated “M”?

    • Avatar Jacob Goad says:

      Yep I’m a kid and play mature games But it doesnt give me mental problems xD

      • Avatar Basiclife1 says:

        I think the point is….

        The decision to let you play M games is your parents’ (assuming no legal enforcement) and so is the responsibility for the consequences (if any) of that decision.

        Even if COD were a factor (unlikely IMHO) it’s the parents’ at fault, not the game devs/publishers.

  • A really, really sad state of affairs and I sympathize with all involved in this tragic senseless loss of life. What’s beyond me is why any parent would buy their their kids real guns, especially one so young.

  • Avatar Guest says:

    obviously if you are fucked up enough to rape your own mom then its not the video games fault .. fucking tumor of rage huh, I hope that little piece of shit gets the chair…if it wasn’t his mom it would have been a little girl at school or someone else this kid had the desire to RAPE and MURDER … There are 0 video-games where you RAPE PEOPLE or YOUR OWN MOTHER….he threw a tantrum attacked his mom and did what he has been wanting to do….he had it planned out or had thought of it before….when he got angry he forgot about the consequences the world should be purged of all the little worthless pieces of shit like this kid so we can get on with our day………..

  • Avatar LordValek357 says:

    The rifle should have been locked in a gun safe, that the child did not have access to. I myself am an avid shooter, and have military qualifications for multiple weapons, and have never thought of turning them on someone. Break into my house, or attempt to hurt myself or a family member, and we may be speaking on a different level. This was plain and simple a child with many problems that should not have had access to the weapon. I see the anti-gun activist down there, no comment about where was the gun safe? Where were the parents that couldnt tell this boy had problems? Where was the support and counseling staff that are supposed to notice these things? Like I saw a post about UK and gun being extremely limited in availablity, they have higher knife crimes, so maybe its not just the guns.

  • Avatar John says:

    was not call of duty +18 ????

  • Avatar F1Racer says:

    Maybe gifting the kid a .22 calibre rifle when he was 11 is also part of the problem as well as his clear mental failings. The attitude and culture towards guns in the US is bewildering. Everybody wants the the right to own one and they only serve one purpose – to kill.

  • Avatar Jaime Brown says:

    I was around guns all my life and all it did to me is remembering the safety rules, I don’t ever think a kid to be pure evil( even though the crime was evil), he has horrible mental issues:(. I would not want to be the people or person that has to determine what they should do with the boy.

  • Avatar AC says:

    See this is what happens when you can’t beat your kids. I don’t mean abuse, because that is just awful! But damn why is it every time a crime is committed that is too extreme for actual thought, you have people claiming mental illness????!!! No past evidence of actual fits or bursts of anger, yet lo and behold one day he gets pissed, tries to rape mom, kills her, and claims ADD???? WTF??? Where does that come in?????? STOP MAKING EXCUSES! STOP GIVING TOO EASY OF REASONS FOR THIS TO JUST BE WASHED OVER….so what he is 14 in some cultures at 12 you are considered an adult…he’s man enough to try to rape, then man enough to take a life…he’s man enough to die for both…regardless of age!!!!

  • Avatar Jacob Goad says:

    People are just stupid in this world . . . Anger issues over A game wow AND HE DIDNT EVEN GO TO JAIL. Mental problems wow even if i had mental problems I wouldnt decide to do that

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