Retail & Distributors List 12 New ASRock Haswell Motherboards

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Partners are supposed to be keeping quiet about their product lines for Haswell and while a few have slipped through the net so far, this is quite a big leak as far as leaks go. ASRock has let distributors and retailers list a dozen of their new range of Socket 1150 motherboards that are compatible with the soon to be released Intel Haswell CPUs.

These new boards range from the entry level mATX boards, which will features the B85 chipsets and could start as low as €73 for boards such as the B85M, although it is pretty back to basics with only two DDR3 memory slots and zero extra features, so its obviously not targeted at Extreme overclocking, more likely its aimed at integrated systems and offices.

Moving up from there is the B85 Pro4 which picks up the pace a little bit and features four DDR3 memory slots, but only increases the price to around €79 and that sounds like a pretty good starting point for entry level systems.

Three H87 boards, known as the H87M mATX & H87M Pro4 mATX are priced at €81 and €86 respectively, although the third in the set is the H87 Pro 4, a full size ATX setup and a still reasonable price tag of €86.

Things don’t start getting really serious until you hit the Z87 boards and these will be targeted at enthusiasts, high performance system builders and gamers. There are four to choose from at this time, the Z87 Pro3, Z87 Extreme3, Z87M and the Z87M Pro4, all priced between €112 and €129 and all lacking full specifications at this time.

Finally we have a trilogy of ITX boards, the B85M-ITX at €81, the H87M-ITX at €102 and last of all the Z87E-ITX at €153.

I’m sure more details of these will leak shortly, now that we know the board names, not to mention the fact that they exist at all, as well as the impending launch of Haswell its self, I would expect to see more details and even pictures of these boards over the coming days and weeks.

So which platform are you saving up for when Haswell releases? Or is everyone here just going to say Z87?


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  • Fortunately I don’t have to save up for these things. A lot of them cross my bench for testing so when one arrives that impresses me, I’ll stake my claim. P.S. It won’t be a high end board like the ROG series or G1 Sniper/Killer. In my personal rig I have no need for such boards but it’ll definitely be a Z87, Most likely from Gigabyte or Asus..

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